Sunday, March 24, 2013

"You Guys Are Weirdos"- Little Boy In A HUGE Cowboy Hat

Saturday, March 23: Columbus, TX-2:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.
Miles: 104
Lot: Colorado County Fairgrounds

It rained a bit on this morning's jump, but I didn't mind. It washed some of the Rio Grande Valley dirt off my rig.

Radar bought a grill last night so we can start having barbecues again, but on this morning's jump the grill blew off the back of his truck!

I needed to go grocery shopping anyway, so I told him I'd pick up another one.
I was so disappointed with the three grocery stores I visited in town.
Yes, three! Each store's selection was so bad that I had to visit multiple places to get everything I needed.

I was happy that today was our first weekend of the tour without a three show day or a six pack. Huzzah!

Kelly Van Cleave, a former Ringling, Circo Americano, and Kinoshita clown, and her parents came to see the first performance today.
Kelly's mother made delicious cookies for me and Ryan. Thank you, Mrs. Van Cleave!

There was a three year old girl that was constantly critiquing me during the first Intermission. "You're not really a clown!", "Why were you acting so silly?", "Your feet are so big!", and so on.
After the show when I went into the audience to get the Van Cleaves, I saw the little girl and her family leaving.
I waved goodbye and said, "It was nice meeting you. Thank you for pointing out all my faults."

Ryan and I had a great visit with Kelly and her parents between shows. Talking shop with other clowns really recharges my batteries.

The people at the second show were keeping us amused during Intermission. They were saying lots of funny things and giving us perfect set ups to make funny jokes.

After the shows Radar, Elisa, Christian and I broke in the new grill with our first BBQ of the year. It was a good one! I look forward to many more over the weeks to come.

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