Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

Sunday, March 31: Frisco, TX-Day Off

It poured again this morning. In addition the wind was making my trailer rock. I couldn't get back to sleep once the storm woke me up, so I got out of bed a little earlier than I had planned.

Even though we moved to the parking lot last night, we still had power and water today. Huzzah! And everybody had a clear path to get in and out with their vehicles as they pleased. Double Huzzah! And after the deluge early in the morning, it was beautiful day. Three Times The Huzzah!

I went over to Ryan's house in the morning to see his mom (who flew in for the day), and to give Nico his Easter present.
Nico was already halfway through a giant chocolate egg, so I was happy that I didn't get him candy. He was very excited about the Angry Birds play set that I bought for him.
Nico and the Combses also gave me my Easter gift, Cadbury eggs!
They know me well....

Mr. North treated everybody on the show to easter lunch at the Great Wall China Buffet. After everyone had their fill we had the 4th Annual Kelly Miller Circus Easter Bonnet competition.
I didn't have anything prepared, but I was struck by inspiration while in the shower.

I took a roll of electrical tape with me to the restaurant, and in true Macgyver fashion, I created a cunning rabbit disguise out of things I found around the buffet: chopsticks, straws, paper, and a napkin.

Can you believe I won first place for Funniest Bonnet? It just goes to show you that if you want to succeed, all you have to do is be lazy and throw something together at the last minute. God Bless America!

I don't remember every winner (I was busy hopping around the restaurant and shaking my cotton tail at people), but here's what I recall.

Winners of Most Beautiful Bonnet:
3rd Place- Katherine Ringling North Carroll
2nd Place- Carolyn Rice
1st Place- Shirley North (who after winning, declared that nobody would lose their job)

Winners of Funniest Bonnet:
3rd- Luciano Loyal
2nd- Becky Ostroff
1st- Yours Truly (I won a swank camping chair)

Winners of Most Creative Bonnet:
3rd- Doricela Rosales
2nd- Nico Combs
1st- I Don't Remember! (I was still incredulous that I had won)

The winner of the Best Bonnet was Argio Loyal, who had this big, honkin' bonnet on his head:

He won an awesome Kelly Miller Circus clock!
Here are the other photos I got; sorry there aren't many....

 Jacob Kessler and his BMX Bunny 
Luis Olivares' Neck Breaker

Later in the evening I was invited to go out with Ryan's family to a Brazilian steakhouse. We met Ryan's uncle, aunt, and nephew, and we all ate delicious cuts of meat until we thought we would pop.
Ryan's mom was nice enough to pay for my dinner.
Thank you for the tastiest meal I've had in quite awhile!


taz-39 said...

WOW, Great Wall is AWESOME.
For some reason those crunchy green beans are my favorite thing to find there :D

Looks like y'all had a great Easter!
Thanks for sharing it with us!!

EleFanOhio said...

I can tell by the look on Shirley North's face in the first picture that she was really impressed by your rabbit impersonation!!!

By the way, have you made any progress figuring out what you want to be when you grow up?