Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"It's A Dolly Parton Pocket. I Filled A Hot Pocket With Rhinestones"- Roger On "American Dad"

Tuesday, April 23: New Madrid, MO-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 120
Lot: Dawson Park

There was a Flying J on this morning's jump, so I stopped to take advantage of their RV dump station.
I timed it just right; two show trailers pulled in soon after me to use the station as well.

We were on a nice, flat, grassy lot today. I walked into town (Main St. to be exact), but we didn't find anything too interesting.
At the end of Main St. we came upon the mighty Mississippi River. It didn't seem so mighty to me; I spit in it and the river did nothing to retaliate.
Wussy river!

The shows tonight were fun. I was a little worried when the first audience was less than responsive for the trombone gag, but after that they really warmed up and were into everything we did.

During the first show Tavo told us that everything was going to pull off the lot after the shows in anticipation of heavy rain.

I took off very quickly after the second finale. We hopped on I-55 and drove 50 miles to a Walmart in Cape Girardeau.
On the way we got pummeled by some rain, but it only lasted for a few miles. As we were entering town I thought I spied some very high water on the side of the road. Later I did some research and saw that Cape Girardeau is experiencing heavy flooding. Thank goodness the water level wasn't up to the road yet!


Brian Aslak Gylte said...

Any real river would fight back.

Steve Copeland said...

Well, it HAS been flooding in some areas....