Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sorry, No Internet Yesterday

"Ya'll Were So Funny We Almost Died Laughing!"- Boy At Intermission
Sunday, April 14: Newport, AR-2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.
Miles: 64
Lot: Behind Village Mall

This morning when I got to the lot I saw that everyone was lined up on the side of the road, awaiting further instruction.
I'm not sure what the exact problem was, but I assume the lot was unplayable.
After a short wait we moved across the street to another lot.

A couple of days ago the spark gimmick we use in the carpenter act went on the fritz. Ryan fixed it with the help of some JB Weld that Sean brought to us last night.

Sean also gave us a good idea for a different way to try one of our bits in the carpenter gag, so we've had fun playing around with that.
Fine tuning a clown gag is a never ending process!

After the shows we had a little pizza party in Radar's yard in lieu of a BBQ.

"My Husband Almost Wet Himself Laughing At You Guys"- Woman At Intermission
Monday, April 15: Pocahontas, AR-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 54
Lot: fairgrounds

There's a very tight turn in Pocahontas that stresses me out every time we play here. There is a stone wall that we have to be careful not to hit with our rigs, and traffic is coming almost non stop down the hill we are turning onto.
I lucked out this year; there was a break in traffic right as I pulled up to the turn, so I swung wide and took up both lanes until I was clear of the wall.

The yoga mat that Ryan uses to break his fall into the carpenter box has been falling into the hole before the gag's blow off, ruining Ryan's softer landing, and the surprise of him going through the box.
Last night Ryan bought an alligator clip from the Walmart across the street, so we attached it to the box to help hold the mat in place.

At the start of the first show Ryan told me about the bombs that had gone off in Boston. He told me that his family was alright (his mom lives three blocks from where the two explosions went off); Carolyn and Elisa's families are also safe.
Ryan, Pete, and Tatiana were watching CNN all evening, so Ryan kept me posted on any new developments.
It's crazy how much I'm cut off from the rest of the world on the circus when I don't have Internet.

There was a lady at the first Intermission that came over and asked if her grandson could come take a picture with us. She wanted some kind of keepsake since it was her first circus and they didn't have any money to spend on souvenirs.
We told her "of course", and posed with the boy.
She then realized that she would have to have a camera to take the picture of us; I guess she thought we had our own camera.
For the rest of the Intermission she kept shooting us dirty looks. Remember boys and girls, no (attempted) good deed goes unpunished!

Kris, a rodeo clown that we met a few years ago, was at the second show, and during Intermission he tried to talk me and Ryan into abandoning the circus to take up rodeo clowning.
I'm not going to ignore the notion, because apparently at one time I said that I would never work for a mud show.
Funny, the paths that we go down in life....

While I was running around getting everything loaded up in the second half, I wasn't paying attention and almost got run over by two llamas: one dressed as Uncle Sam, and the other as the Statue of Liberty.
How many people can say THAT about their work day!?


Tejano said...

Rodeo clowns. Yup. Great idea!!! Imagine the fun of getting knocked/runned over by a 2,000 lb bull! How fast can you run in circles? How many old rodeo clowns do you know? And I mean over 40? :)

Seen the bull runs in Spain? Look like fun? :)

I respect rodeo clowns. They are great.

Steve Copeland said...

The bulls can't be much more dangerous than my duck!


Yogi said...

I took the kids to the 7:30 show at Pocahontas, and the kids loved you and Ryan. My 3 year old even ran up and hugged one of you at intermission when my wife was taking him outside for a break. My daughter, however, was upset that you wouldn't give her your autograph. I know you both were busy, but she was mad for the rest of the show. She told me she wasn't coming back next year.....I however can't wait!!! The boys are still talking about the clowns!!!!! They LOVE you guys!!!

Steve Copeland said...

I'm glad you guys had a good time. I'm sorry we upset your daughter! Tell her next time she will get our autograph; we promise!