Friday, April 19, 2013

"That's It, Man! Flat On His A**!"- Man Enjoying Our Hijinx

Thursday, April 18: Mountain View, AR-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 40
Lot: fairgrounds

Once we got into Mountain View I was blowing the arrows like crazy. I kept having to turn around in gas stations, but since the area was very hilly, I was scraping the bumper of my trailer on the asphalt as I entered and exited the stations.

Shortly after the tent was set up this morning it began the rain began to pour. Ryan and I kept putting off unloading the props until it calmed down.

With my truck unhooked from my trailer there was a little ditch separating the two. It was filled with water when we went out to unload the props.
Since I would have to back up through the little pond to hook up, and since a lot more rain was expected throughout the day, I began to stress that I wouldn't be able to hook up again tonight.

We decided to go ahead and hook my truck up, and put our Plan B gags into action. We have some material with us just in case there is ever a lot too soft for me to unhook; without my truck being a good distance from my trailer, we cannot get the carpenter box out.

It rained all day up until show time; it was just nasty weather. I stayed inside as much as possible. By show time it was freezing outside. I was very grateful for the great Under Armour shirts and robes that our CFA Tent gave us. They helped keep us warm as we waited outside the tent for our cues.

In place of the carpenter gag tonight, we did the cookie gag that we did on the Bill Hall produced Christmas tour last year, and in place of the mouth we did a short club passing routine to cover the prop change.
(Eggroll, I can hear you now, "You Ringling clowns and your skills!")

I was so self critical of my performance of the new material during the first show. Thank goodness the audience loved it; if we had bombed I probably would have quickly spiraled into pants wetting and thumb sucking in the fetal position.

In the second show the tiger cage strike took forever. Luckily John Moss, Ryan, and I were able to stretch the trombone gag without losing the audience. Yay, team!

I was feeling much better about the new material in the second performance. In the future we may break out the cookie gag now and again just to shake things up.
We should take advantage of the creative freedom that the show allows us. The cookie gag is also a nice clowning exercise for us since it is virtually without props.
I'm just happy we got to work it in front of such great audiences tonight.

Since it was so cold the generator was left on all night. Thank you, everyone involved!

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shelftalker said...

I definitely think you should do the cookie gag in the ring sometimes... it was really a lot of fun to see it performed in that venue after seeing it on the stage last Christmas!