Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tonight On It's The Mind

Monday, April 1: Royse City, TX-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 50
Lot: Red Line Raceway

Becky texted me this afternoon and let me know that we were moving to the next town tonight after the shows.
Armed with that knowledge, I took a little nap so I would be well rested.

Because we were on cement today, I was very careful during the gags. Grey water left some puddles in the tent, and I was slipping and sliding a bit on the ring mat.
I told Jonathan, who helps us in the carpenter gag, to really watch his footing.

Manny Casalino, a former Cole Bros. clown, came to see the second show. It was nice to see him at Intermission; thanks for visiting with us!

Even though it was April Fool's Day, I had grown complacent and secure in the knowledge that Ryan would not play any jokes on me.
After all, when you are a two person Clown Alley, it is pretty easy to figure out who the joker is. And payback is not pretty!

However, Pete and Ryan got me good in the second mouth gag. Right at the beginning of the act, I always jump forward and roar at the first row.
Tonight I did my usual moves, but instead of a funny roar sound effect, there was a long, loud burp.

I started cracking up, and backstage I congratulated the Combs brothers on making a fool out of me.

After the shows we had our 71 mile night jump to Krum. Danny pointed out a clear exit path to me, so I was able to leave the lot in Royse City fairly quickly.

Christian and I were laughing on the drive, because we went back the way we came this morning, step by step. We even went past Frisco to get to Krum.
On Wednesday we will take the same route back again to go to Farmersville.

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