Wednesday, April 3, 2013

"You Made Us Laugh So Hard We Almost Peed Our Pants"- An Australian Woman At Intermission

Tuesday, April 2: Krum, TX-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 71
Lot: Krum Public Library

I remembered the lot in Krum from last year. The tent and show vehicles were on one side of a ditch, and all the house trailers were on the other side.

It was a drab, dreary day, but that didn't stop me from walking into town to find the post office.

I watched the film classic, "Weekend At Bernie's II", with Ryan and Pete this afternoon, and Tatiana was nice enough to include me when she made lunch for everybody.

During the first show I got into the big mouth prop, and I was waiting for Ryan to come over and hook up the water gimmick.
I waited, and waited, and waited, and then I started to get worried because the Fusco family (the act before us) were about halfway through their act; still there was no sign of Ryan.

Suddenly Pete ran over to inform me that Nico had made a huge mess and Ryan was tending to that. I threw off the big mouth, suited Pete up in it, and ran into my trailer to put on my shirt and wig.
I quickly ran over to Ryan's house to grab the dentist's lab coat, and then I picked up the toothbrush and mouth wash bottle while sprinting to the tent.

As I made it about halfway to the back door, I heard John Moss giving the Fuscos their final announcement.
I made it to the curtain just in time to run out after Pete; I didn't even have a spare second to button the lab coat closed.

Luckily Pete had performed as the mouth a few times while I had the flu, so he already knew the act. In lieu of sound effects, Michael added extra accentuation with the drums, and John Moss provided laughs, yelps, and glugs over the microphone.
Thank you, guys!
Never a dull moment on the circus!

Our friend, Kyle Clay, a local firefighter/clown, and his wife, Anna, came to see the second show. They brought a couple of mullet wigs attached to headbands for me and Ryan, some clown coloring books that Kyle drew (and Nico loved), and boxes of gourmet cookies from a local bakery.
Thank you, Clays!

Kyle and Anna got to see us in front of a fantastic audience, which Ryan and I definitely needed. Nothing puts a spring in your step like a great crowd.

Ryan and I wore our mullet wigs for finale, which gave Kyle, Anna, and the cast a good laugh. A kid in the audience even yelled out, "Nice hair", as I skipped by.

It was sprinkling rain during the second half, but it wasn't bad enough to warrant me taking my umbrella to the tent.
Naturally, when I came out from finale the rain was coming down much harder. D'oh!

After the shows Kyle and Anna took me out to dinner where we had time to catch up. I'm glad they didn't visit in Royse City, because with our night jump out of there, we wouldn't have had time to visit.

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