Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"Es Carne De Burro (It's Donkey Meat)"- Line From "The Simpsons"

Tuesday, May 13: New Castle, IN-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 52
Lot: elementary school

There was an inviting restaurant named "Stacks" directly in front of where I was parked this morning, so after unhooking and getting Emmie set up, I walked over and had breakfast.
I had eggs florentine; we both agreed that our meals were amazing.

Several of us were parked in some very thick, tall grass today, so Mike the drummer was nice enough to come by with his weed whacker to clear walking paths by our trailer doors. Thanks, Mike!

I was parked pretty far from the backdoor, and there was really no easy way to get the props into the tent, so I drove my truck around the block to a parking lot right next to the back door. I was able to back into a parking space that gave us a straight shot to the performer's entrance.

Kyle Winchester came to visit for awhile today, and he guest clowned on the midway before and after the shows, as well as joining me and Ryan at Intermission.

A gentleman and his son at the first show told me and Ryan how much they enjoy coming to the show and harassing us from the front row. Last year they had to drive a long way to see the show since we didn't play New Castle. Some people go to great lengths to harass clowns.  :o)

Here's a picture of me, Ryan, and Kyle with one of our fans in New Castle:

Thank you, Doug, for sending the photo in. Kudos to me for knowing where to look!


Anonymous said...

How is your nose and Ryan's lip healing these days?

Steve Copeland said...

My nose healed long ago, but it's still big and crooked. Just like before.
Ryan has a slight scar above his mouth, but he treats it every day, so hopefully it'll be gone before too long.