Saturday, May 11, 2013

"The Park Of The Future!"- John Sayre & Beth Grimes

Friday, May 10: Kokomo, IN-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 68
Lot: Future Park

Since we were in Kokomo already this morning, and the rest of the show was an hour and a half away, I slept in a bit and then went to have breakfast at Panera Bread.

Kokomo has a lot going on, so this afternoon Pete, and I went shopping. We stopped by a Game XChange to peruse their selection of old video games, we went to Best Buy so I could get a new external disc drive for my Mac, and then I dropped Pete off at a Hearing Aid Center.
Never fear, he is not going deaf; he wanted a mold of his ears so he can get custom fitted headphones made.

While he was getting his ears molded, I ran over to Gamestop so I could get a birthday present for Johnny and Nathan Moss.
I also picked up a Ghostbusters game while we were at it. Let the good times roll!

Our friend, Beth Grimes, came to visit today. Her visit wasn't purely social though; she clowned on the midway before and after the shows, and she joined me and Ryan at our coloring book table during Intermission.

Marshall had to go get his and Becky's truck from the shop this afternoon, and of course it was ready at showtime. Repairs on the circus are never convenient.
Pete ran the music for the first half of the show; Mike switched from his drums to the laptop for the carpenter gag so Pete could run our sound effects. Thank you, guys.

Kokomo is just down the road from Peru, IN, and John Fugate, from the International Circus Hall of Fame, came to visit today.

A young boy came up to us during the second Intermission with a program and asked if we could get everyone in the cast to sign it.
We told him we would do our best, but that it would be difficult since during the second half everyone is packing up.

Right before finale I got as many people to sign it as possible, and I relayed the program to Beth, who gave it to the boy after the show.
Beth said his face was priceless when he saw how many signatures he had. Yay, good karma!

Beth treated me to Steak & Shake after the shows, and she took us to Walmart so we could pick up food for a BBQ tomorrow night. Thanks, Beth!

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