Friday, May 31, 2013

""- Boy In A Superman Shirt

Thursday, May 30: Grantsville, MD-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 80
Lot: Town Park

There were some hellacious steep hills for my truck to climb on the Interstate this morning. 
Once I got to town I packed up all my dirty clothes and walked to the laundromat a few blocks away from the lot.

Don Curtis came by to visit today. He brought some kebabs for some of us performers, and he gave me a photo that he took of me on the Christmas tour this past December. Thanks, Don!
Don spent the first show backstage taking photos and showing off his albums, which were a big hit with the cast and crew.
Check out Don's photo blog here:

Ryan bought a unicycle from our friend, Mike Perry, a few days ago, and during the first show I was giving it a whirl backstage. I didn't do too bad considering I haven't ridden one in almost five years.
Ryan and I were feeling brave, so we decided to try a two man high on the unicycle.


I'm still using ice....

I would like to apologize to everyone in Grantsville who saw the first carpenter gag. Ryan and I could not catch a break in it to save our lives.
First, when I was doing the kick the hat bit, the hat rolled into the curb at the front of the ring since the ground was at a slant. I'm supposed to keep kicking the hat out of my reach as I go to pick it up, but the way it landed against the ring curb prevented me from continuing with the bit. I simply picked up the hat and threw it into the middle of the ring.
Then, at the end of the gag when I was running around with the out of control saw, the extension cord (bungee) attached to it snapped.
Ryan and I quickly covered by moving straight to the end of the gag. Even though I think we handled it well, and the audience doesn't know what's supposed to happen anyway, I always feel like a failure when something goes wrong in an act. But, I always try and redeem myself in the next show.

Speaking of which...

While we were waiting in the back door to do the second carpenter gag, the little car started making some nasty noises.
Sure enough, right when it was our cue to enter, the little car shut off, out of gas.
I quickly jumped out and pushed Ryan and the car into the ring.
Le sigh.
At least the rest of the act went much better than the first show!

Tomorrow is another day!