Friday, May 17, 2013

"Your Make Up Looks Like You Got Burned By The Sun"- Little Girl To Ryan

Thursday, May 16: Charlestown, IN-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 91
Lot: Jonathan Jennings School Grounds

Since we drove about 20 miles of the jump last night, I got to sleep in a whole 15 minutes this morning!
After clearing the sleep from our eyes, we drove the remaining 71 miles to Charlestown.

Mr. North returned to the show today, and he treated the company to a belated Cinco De Mayo lunch at the Charlestown Pizza Company, a wonderful restaurant run by Tavana's sister.
I were two of the first people to arrive, so we got the choice selections as the food was brought out. I was happy that I got to sample my two favorite offerings, the mashed potato pizza and the bacon brownies. Yum!
Thank you, Mr. North, for a great meal!

This morning I noticed that there was a laundromat right next to the lot. I don't ever remember seeing it before; how fortuitous that it is there now.
I was not surprised that we saw many of my co-workers taking advantage of the laundry's convenience.
It was also the cheapest laundromat I've run across on the road. The biggest washers were only $3; in some places the little top loading machines are $2.50!

The humidity really took it out of me today. Besides zapping my energy, I had a nasty headache, most likely from dehydration.
The majority of the people we met at the Intermissions of the two shows did not help my headache. There was a group of loud kids sitting behind us in the second show that shouted questions to us almost the entire time we were signing books.
Besides that, a lot of people were very rude. It was tough to just smile and bear it, but luckily there were a few nice families that we encountered.

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