Monday, May 6, 2013

"Yum!"- Me Enjoying My Dinner

Sunday, May 05: Mt. Zion, IL-2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.
Miles: 36
Lot: school parking lot

Last year we were set up on grass in Mt. Zion, but because of all the rain the area has been getting, we were set up on the parking lot next to the grass this time.

I could tell that my truck was going to be blocked in by the tent, so I unhooked from my trailer and parked away from everything.
I drove to Decatur, the next big town over from Mt. Zion, where we finally got to do laundry. We also enjoyed some breakfast from Panera Bread (thank you Donna and George!), and picked up a few things from Walmart before heading back to the circus.

I couldn't get my truck all the way back to my trailer, but I was able to at least park it by the cookhouse.

It continued to rain today. Like yesterday, there were only a few brief periods of heavy downpour; mostly the rainfall was just enough to be annoying.

We did so well with the cookie gag yesterday that Ryan wanted us to do it again today, mostly to keep from losing the flow we had found.

Dave Williams, Charlie Bellatti, Rick Purdue, and his wife were all at the shows today.

In the second show John Moss tipped me off about a woman sitting in the front row that had her head buried in her boyfriend's shoulder the whole time Ryan and I were doing the trombone gag.
Naturally I had to give the woman a hard time during the cookie gag!
During Intermission I went over to try and find out why the woman was so "terrified" of us, but she wouldn't talk to me, much less look at me.
The old woman sitting behind her informed me that the woman was "deathly afraid of clowns" (funny, I don't remember her dying during the show), and that "she was in tears" the whole time we were performing.
I stated that made the woman no different than the rest of the audiences we perform for.

The only information I could glean was that the woman had a "traumatizing event" happen to her involving a clown.
Fine, she was traumatized by a clown. But why would she then go to the circus? And sit in the front row!!!!????


Anonymous said...

Wow, you sure know a way to a woman's heart by taking her to McDonald's. You must have gotten a raise.

taz-39 said...

Hope your skies clear up!
You're making me appreciate the weather out here in RI/CT.