Monday, June 24, 2013

Full Weekend

Saturday, June 22: Mine Hill, NJ-2:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.
Miles: 83
Lot: Fireman's Field

This morning Pete, Ryan and I walked to a Dunkin Donuts a couple of blocks from the lot. It had been a few days since I last had DD, so my teeth were starting to itch. (DD DTs)

Greg Michales and his son, Cameron, stopped by the lot this morning to watch the tent go up. Greg is a circus fan who saw the show in Mine Hill last year, and he is also a regular blog follower.
He dropped off a couple of bags full of bagels along with a few containers of cream cheese for me to share with everybody on the show. He also brought fruit for the elephants to snack on. Thanks, Greg!

Danny was nice enough to pick up a new spare tire for me this morning, and the place where he bought it also mounted it on my old rim. I was relieved to get another spare with our big jump to Mendon, MA coming up.

Fridman thought I was going to have to visit an RV parts store to pick up a new breaker for my trailer, but Becky told me she gets hers from Home Depot.
I called them up, and sure enough they had what I was looking for. My trip to Home Depot was only about 5 miles, opposed to the 30 I would have driven to find the nearest RV store.
As soon as he could, Fridman replaced my burnt out breaker and I was once again blessed by uninterrupted air conditioning. Whoo hoo!

Dave and Sherri Shepard, the Cole Bros. advance clowns, came by to visit today and to watch the first show. They were joined by Bill Carter, a marketing director for Cole.
There were actually a lot of friendly faces in the audience for the first performance. Paul Gutheil came out to visit for the first time in a few years, and he brought a stack of photos he took of us from the 2010 show. Thanks, Paul!
Maxine House was in da house (tee hee), as well as members of the Felix Adler-Paul Binder tent, who brought donuts to the cookhouse. Thanks, everyone!
On the way to partake of the donuts, I ran into Allan Kirk, who came all the way from Albany, NY to see the show.

Speaking of upstate NY, there was a group of fans from that area in the front row-Don and Barb Kowell, William Tenity, and Terry Martin- whose energy really helped keep us going for the first performance. God bless you, guys!

It was nice to see Ed, a circus fan from Hershey, at the second show. He brought sticky buns for me and Ryan, just like he used to when we were on Ringling. Thanks, E.T.!

During the second Intermission, twin photographers Jason and Justin Senft helped me devise a new marketing, scheme for selling more coloring books!

Jason and Justin Senft: Marketing Geniuses!

After finale of the second show I wasted no time in getting cleaned up and ready to go out. Radar, Elisa, and I had big plans for this evening, but unfortunately, due to scheduling, we had a very tight window of time in which to do them.
Our plan was to catch the 9:00 p.m. showing of "Monsters University", but we also wanted to have dinner beforehand.
Since our show ended after 7:30, and we had to drive to the mall, we were a little worried about making our deadline.

I dropped Radar and Elisa off at the restaurant and told them to order for me. I then spent a good amount of time looking for a place to park at the movie theater. The parking lot was huge, but it and the area for additional parking were both full!
I finally parked over by the mall and crossed the street to the theater so I could pick up our tickets.

By the time I got back to the restaurant my food was there and Radar and Elisa were halfway done eating. I scarfed down my burger and we saw that we still had around 30 minutes before the movie started.
Remembering how many people were at the theater, I advised that we go and get good seats before it was too late.

We ended up scoring perfect seats, and it's a good thing we went in early. The auditorium ended up being packed!
"Monsters University" was such a fun movie, and I was laughing almost the whole time. I really needed that!

Sunday, June 23: Washington Township, NJ-2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.
Miles: 48
Lot: Bergen Co. YJCC Grounds

Roger Berkley, the father of a clown Ryan and I worked with on Ringling, is the man that brought us to Washington Township today, and he really outdid himself sponsoring the date. I just wanted to start off the post by thanking Roger for all his hard work!

Joey Klein, a teenager in the area with circus clowning aspirations, came to the show today with his sisters and mother. They brought sandwiches and cannoli for me and Ryan; thank you guys!

Bruce and Matthew Lish, two clowns from the Queens area (Matthew is another teen with circus clowning aspirations), came to watch the tent raising this morning. They brought a big plate of goodies for me and Ryan, and Matthew had us sign a juggling club of his that Ringling clowns have been signing for a few years. Thank you for the honor, Matthew, and thank you, Lish family, for the goodies!

Also visiting today were Dan, the son of our sponsor, and his girlfriend, Lisa. Like I said earlier, Dan was a clown on Ringling with me and Ryan, and Lisa worked on the lighting crew my 4th year.
As you can imagine, I had a trailer full of visitors today!

Joey Klein came to spend the day with us so he could guest clown at Intermission, but he also wanted to do a two hour workshop with us since he cannot attend our Circus Clowning Intensive during the winter.
We worked with him on gag writing, and we helped critique a gag he has been doing as a guest clown at some circuses. With our remaining time we worked on his basic clowning skills.
It was a lot of fun for us; it reminded me how much I enjoyed teaching at the Intensive this past year.

Our clown friend, Mark Carfora, was at the first show, but unfortunately we didn't get a chance to visit with him. Thank you very much for the coffee, Mark. You know the way to a caffeine addict's heart!

Local photographer Amanda Stevens came out to shoot some photos at the second show. Those of you with a Federation Mondiale du Cirque 2013 calendar will recognize her work from this month's photo.

Lisa brought her GoPro camera with her to take a time lapse video of the tent going up (I'll post that here when it's online), and she helped me with a project I've wanted to do since the beginning of the tour: she found a way to attach the little camera inside the big mouth. Voila! Mouth Cam!

The resulting video is pretty neat, if a little nauseating (in a "Blair Witch Project" kind of way). I will also post it on here when it is online.

After the shows Dan, Lisa, and I met up with Kenny Columbo, who was a clown on Ringling's Blue Unit in the late '70s. We all went out for a sushi dinner, and then Kenny and I visited in my trailer and swapped circus stories late into the night.

That is what I call a full weekend!


Dick Dykes said...

Man you sure did have a full weekend! Must have been a meeting of your fan club!
I was planning on visiting the show at Carney's Point but the weather just didn't co-operate.
One of these years I'm goona make it. Doick Dykes--The Balloonman.

Steve Copeland said...

Hey Dick,

Yeah, the Carneys Point area had some rough weather.
You were smart to stay away!


Jason & Justin Senft said...

"Geniuses!" - Thanks for the compliment.

If only we had a nickel for every time we heard that!

Jason & Justin Senft

Anonymous said...

Thought I saw you on people of walmart website (page 8) "Who's is the Goose". But I was mistaken.

Steve Copeland said...

That is awesome! I need to do that the next time I go shopping.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the guy on people of Walmart spray painted his duck like you did to your duck from a few years ago. Or as some lady thought you did.

Steve Copeland said...

Must have! As far as I know, that's the only way to get them that color!