Sunday, June 9, 2013

"He's A Clown. He Doesn't Know How To Count!"- A Man Seconds After Asking Me To Count The Number Of Pages In A Coloring Books

Saturday, June 08: New Freedom, PA-2:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.
Miles: 45
Lot: Goodfellow Park

I joined Elisa and Pete on a walk into town this morning. I wanted to find a post office box, but I allowed them to detour me to a cool ice cream parlor they had found.
Michael and Sue Harber were there already, and Sue was astounded that there was a neat eatery in one of the towns that I didn't know about. Frankly I was as surprised as Sue was!

Ryan and I tried out a new bit with the car alarm in the carpenter gag that Elmo suggested. It got laughs both shows; thanks, Elmo!

In finale, I am the first person to exit the tent on one side of the back door. Since I am, I always hold the curtain open for everyone else.
During the first show I went to close the curtain after the last person had come through, but while I was leaning against the bandwagon and waiting, my chef jacket caught on a bungee hanging from one of the doors.
When I went to close the curtain, the bungee pulled tight as I was halfway done, and it yanked me back.
I had a good laugh once I realized what was going on.

Ryan and I had talked with a little boy during Intermission that was very shy; we ended up giving him and his father one of our postcards.
After the show Lamount came to get me, saying there was a little boy who wanted my autograph.
I went over by the camels, and it was the same boy with his family. He wanted to show me the picture he had taken with one of the tigers, and he also wanted me to sign by my picture on the postcard.

Between shows I did a phone interview with Carol from I had met her briefly in Olney when she was visiting with Jeremiah in the cookhouse.
She asked me questions about eating on the road: whether I cook or go to the cookhouse, where I like to go when I eat out, what kinds of food I like in different parts of the country, etc.
I'll be sure to post a link here when the story is up.

Speaking of food, a group of us went to the Italian restaurant in town after work. I'm glad that Elisa called ahead to make reservations, because the place was packed when we got there.

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