Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"How Do We Get In The Title Of Your Blog?"- Jason And Justin Senft

Monday, June 10: Carneys Point, NJ-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 42
Lot: YMCA ballfield

There was an expensive toll on this morning's drive. My 4 axle rig cost me $19; the semis had to pay close to $40!

There is one entry and exit point on the Carneys Point lot for our vehicles, and when I arrived (I was maybe the seventh rig to get there), it was already becoming a muddy mess. It should be fun leaving in the morning!

Ryan, Pete, and I watched the movie "Chillerama" today. It was a collection of four short films in the vein of cheesy drive in fare; the films were frequently disgusting, totally in bad taste, but very funny!

There was a strong downpour this afternoon, but it had cleared up by showtime. Unfortunately we were working in very humid, sticky, nasty weather.
There was a tornado watch for our area, but we were very lucky and saw no signs of a severe storm.

Our clown friends Chris Shelton and Keith Crabbs came to see the first show. Also, twin photographers Jason and Justin Senft were in the audience.
Chris brought a couple of Dean Koontz books for me to add to my library, Keith brought some cookies and beer for me and Ryan (staples of a circus clown diet), and the twins brought cookies that they picked up while at the Monte Carlo Circus Festival. Jason and Justin were giving them out to people backstage after the show.
Thank you, guys!

Remember that tornado watch I mentioned earlier? While Chris Shelton was watching the circus, a tornado touched down in his neighborhood.
When he got home he texted to let me know that the tornado did damage to the fronts of houses on his street, as well as ripping trees out of the ground; the twister then jumped to the next street over and cut some houses in half!
Luckily his house was undamaged. What a scary reminder of how quickly things can change...

There was a man at the first show that had an amusing exchange with me (one sided though it was). I asked him how the show was, which he promptly ignored in favor of cracking the gem, "Cheech and Chong? (pointing at Ryan and then me) Or Chong and Cheech?"
I thought to myself that his answer was an interesting analysis of his enjoyment of the performance.
He then asked Pete, "When does the show start?"
Pete informed him that the show had begun an hour ago at 4:30. "Oh," the man exclaimed, "so this is Intermission?"
He then wandered off, leaving me to wonder, which stoner was he? Cheech or Chong?

Here's a photo of us with a little girl named Leelu that we met a couple of days ago:

And here are some photos that Carl Bly took when he visited in Hagerstown:

Thanks for the great shots, Carl!

In conclusion, I'm proud to announce that our first student from the Steve & Ryan Circus Clowning Intensive, Derek Henry Tucker, had his first performances tonight with the Loomis Bros. Circus in Indiana.
Ryan and I are so happy that two of our students are now working for circuses: Derek with Loomis Bros., and John Sayre as the Kelly Miller Circus Advance Clown.
It feels wonderful to help people on the way to living their dreams!

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