Thursday, June 20, 2013

"Jooooooooooooooooooooooo!"- Charlie Rivel

Wednesday, June 19: Old Bridge, NJ-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 55
Lot: Kennedy Park

There was about a twenty mile stretch of this morning's jump that was particularly annoying. Almost every block had a stop light, and between those and the morning traffic, I was making many frequent, occasionally abrupt stops.

Today's lot was surrounded by a fence, and there was only one gate big enough for all of us to drive through.
When I arrived, there were already some substantial mud ruts at the gate; Old Bridge must have gotten as much rain as West Creek did. I actually got stuck for a moment driving through the gate, but luckily my 4 wheel drive got me out of the mud and into my parking space.

I was lucky that I arrived when I did, because I was one of the very few trailers allowed on the lot. The majority of the performers were moved to a parking lot, leaving them on the opposite side of the tent from the back door, and also with a fence in the way. Fortunately there was a small gate that allowed for easy passage to the tent.

It took quite awhile for the show trucks to get onto the lot due to the one muddy entrance, so set up was a little behind.

Our friend, Dan McCallum, works at Six Flags Great Adventure, and he was able to arrange comp tickets for a few people.
I had made up my mind not to go last night since I knew that I'd be exhausted at show time from walking in the sun and riding roller coasters all day.
It turns out that I wouldn't have been able to go anyway because of the mud and the fact that the tent was blocking me in.

It was a beautiful day, so Ryan and Pete unloaded the props early so they could dry out from the typhoon that hit us in West Creek yesterday.
Some of the guys flattened out the ruts at the gated entrance to the lot, and the sun helped dry the ground nicely.

A gentleman and his son came up to us at the first show and said they had seen us in Carteret last year. This year they couldn't make it, so they made sure to make a special trip to Old Bridge.
It's always nice to hear that from audience members. It almost makes up for the usual treatment we get: nose squeezing, shoe stomping, and being poked with sticks. (Ok, I made up that last one)

Ryan and I had plenty of visitors today. Our clown friends, Dan McCallum, Doug Young, and Pat Cashin were all at the second show.
Doug brought free roll make up for me and Ryan, and Pat brought water for me and carving foam for Ryan. Thank you guys for the practical gifts!

Clown studs! 
Pat's son's reaction to me throwing a sledge hammer into Ryan's face.

After the shows all of us hung out in Ryan's trailer, and the evening soon turned into Pat making us laugh until the early hours of the morning. Topics touched upon were: the noise a violated orangutan makes, the total worthlessness of "Curly Joe" DeRita, Charlie Rivel in Germany, and Cashin's theory on how Charlie Chaplin killed the great clowns of the early 20th century.
I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard. Thanks, Pat. I needed it!

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