Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"Who Are You Going To Kill?"- John Moss When Asked The Whereabouts Of A Pickaxe

Tuesday, June 18: West Creek, NJ-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 31
Lot: Eagleswood Fire Co. grounds

There's not a lot to do in West Creek, but I did manage to find a post office. The excitement never ends in my life, folks!

A couple of hours before show time the heavens opened up and the rain poured down. By showtime most of the lot was ok, but the entrance had turned into a small lake.

Photo courtesy of Valerie (

Luckily the backdoor and ring were not flooded. Otherwise I'd be having flashbacks to DeQueen, AR!

After wading through standing water, the first audience was in no mood to laugh. Ryan and I tried our best though, and sometimes that's all we can do.

Ryan borrowed a pickaxe from the show to try and get rid of some of the water in the entrance. Even though some of the tent crew gave him a hand digging little trenches, the effort was to no avail. There was simply nowhere for the water to go; the entrance was the lowest point, so all the water collected there.

Luckily for the second show the entrance was moved to the other side of the tent, which was higher and drier. This left the audience, and subsequently us, in a much better humor.

It rained on and off all evening during the shows, but never as hard as the deluge that hit in the afternoon.

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