Saturday, June 22, 2013

"You're Stinky!"- Little Boy To Ryan (Explanation In The Blog)

Friday, June 21: Weatherly, PA-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 65
Lot: Eurana ballpark

(A little boy told me and Ryan at Intermission that we were like the 3 Stooges. He said I was like Moe, but he couldn't remember the names of the other two stooges. I told him that their names were Stinky and Fatty. And so the child decided that Ryan was Stinky. snicker)

There have been expensive tolls on the past couple of drives. Just in the past two days I have spent $32 driving in and out of New Jersey. Yeesh!

When we got into town I saw the two sets of warning arrows for the turn towards the lot, but then I couldn't find the actual turn arrows.
After looking for a couple of blocks, I asked Christian, "Did I miss the turn?"
As soon as the words left my mouth I saw the turn I drove past them. D'oh!

I quickly started looking for a place to turn around, and then I spotted a sign telling me a hill was coming up with a 10% downgrade.
I started to panic, but I soon realized I could turn left on an upcoming street and circle back to the lot.

I have a bad breaker in my trailer, and today it kept overheating and popping every 15 minutes because of my air conditioner.
I finally decided to leave the air off before I popped the breaker one too many times and killed the power to all my electronics.

Even though I had all my windows open, my trailer was retaining a lot of heat today. I went outside between shows and sat in the shade. It was very relaxing!


The second audience was a lot of fun; their enthusiasm was much appreciated and needed.

In closing, here we are with one of our new friends in Weatherly.

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