Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Big Announcement

For awhile now I've been not so subtly hinting around some big news. Well, here it is:

Ryan and I are thrilled to announce that we have signed a contract to perform with Circo Hermanos Vazquez for the 2014 season!
We will be touring major US cities from the midwest to the east coast.
We believe that we will be the first American clowns to appear on their show.

To leave a familiar setting can sometimes be scary. Over the past five years we have developed strong ties and good friendships on the Kelly Miller Circus. It is here where we were given our true start as a clown duo in the circus business. We've been given an amazing amount of freedom to create and develop our comedic style. We are extremely grateful to John Ringling North II and Jim Royal for awarding us that opportunity.

Although we will dearly miss our Kelly Miller family, we look forward to facing new challenges and braving new adventures with Circo Hermanos Vazquez.


Anonymous said...

Will you be traveling less and possibly settling down? Will you still blog?

Steve Copeland said...

We will be staying in cities anywhere from one to six weeks, so yes, we will be traveling a lot less.

I am still going to blog. It may become a weekly update as opposed to a daily update, though.
There are some days on KM that are so boring, and that's with moving every day.
I imagine there will be plenty of uneventful days when I'm sleeping until noon and doing just one show!


Jack Ryan said...

Let me be one of the first to congratulate you guys. I know you will be missed on Kelly Miller but life does move on.

Best to you both,


John Herriott said...

A wonderful step nin the right direction. We hear it is a top class show and no mud show aspects compared to your KM challenges. And no one nighters. Hope all goes well. You should be justly proud as there are cfertainly alot of great hispanic clowns. johnny

Arts in the Family said...

Congratulations to you and Ryan. I hope the tour comes our way so we can catch some more of your great great slapstick magic.


Arts in the Family said...

Congratulations to you and Ryan on your new adventure on Circo Hermanos Vasquez. Will the show be coming to San Antonio, I wonder? Let us know what you route will be like if you can. Congrats again!


Arts in the Family said...

Hey Steve. I commented twice because I wasn't sure if the first comment had been saved. Didn't want you to think I was going loopy. Take care.


Don said...

Congratulations guys.

KM's loss is Circo Vazquez' gain.

Don Covington

John Herriott said...

PS. Mexican circuses usually do four shows on Sunday. Sunday is a big day for Mexicans. Also I would suggest that from what I have heard via grapevine that you may want to get an 1800 rpm generator. Honda makes the best one I believe. Do not buy a 3600 rpm special from Wallmart. It will not do the job [Air cond, etc. and the noise will drive you nuts.] Generally you should get 30 amp-24 hour power, but believe me that is not carved in stone. johnny

Steve Copeland said...

Hey everyone,

Thank you for the well wishes.

Alberto, I believe we'll be playing Houston and Dallas. I will definitely let you know if we go to San Antonio as well.


Thanks for the tips. A new Honda generator is definitely on my shopping list.