Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"No! Not Grandma!"- Person In Audience As The Big Mouth Prepared To "Spit On" An Old Lady In The Front Row

Monday, July 22: Willowick, OH-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 34
Lot: Dudley Park

Apparently there was a big flood in town a few days ago, and many people's basements were flooded. Today, on the drive to the lot, we passed by house after house with lots of furniture sitting by the street, awaiting garbage pick up.
All Ryan could think of when he saw all those mattresses and sofa cushions being thrown out was how many props we could make if we only had the storage space to take them with us.

Ryan, Peter, and I walked into town to visit a magic shop run by an eccentric old man. I went to the post office when the man's peculiarity became too much for me.

It was a dreary day, and close to showtime it began to rain. The downpour continued throughout the first performance, making the already saturated ground even worse.

The tent was leaking during the carpenter gag, and there was a fair amount of water on the ring mat. When it came time for me to run around with the circular saw, I was slipping and sliding all over the place. I kept falling down, and I'm sure that whole part of the gag looked like garbage.
I hate that sometimes you just can't do nice work on this show.

Vincent Polowy, a performer from the Cleveland area, came to see us at the second performance.

Luckily he saw a much better carpenter gag since Ryan and I switched to our boots, which provided much better traction on the ring mat.

We also got a little self esteem boost when a boy in the audience remembered the sink gag that we did our first year on the show.

After the shows the plan was for everyone to move off the lot.
I put my truck into 4 wheel drive, but the ground was so soft and wet that I moved a foot before spinning my back tires in the mud.
Everyone else in the backyard had similar trouble, and even the show's Bobcat couldn't get us free. We had all sunk during the course of the day.

Luckily a woman at the second show heeded John Moss's plea for assistance in getting the show off the lot, and she called her husband who owns a tractor.
Once it showed up, we were all pulled out of the muck without a problem. It's a good thing he was in town, because otherwise the show would have had to make Willowick, OH its new Winter Quarters.

I got off the lot around 11:30, about two hours after the show ended, and the lot wasn't completely evacuated until after midnight.

In closing, here is a link to some great pictures that photographer Amanda Stevens took when we played Washington Township, NJ back in June.


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EleFanOhio said...

I'll bet the audience took your slippiing and sliding in stride. (Ouch. Walked right into that pun, didn't I?) Mud = moving under duress!