Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"She's A Shyster"- Man Speaking Of His Daughter

Tuesday, July 30: Minerva, OH-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 41
Lot: Municipal Park

Today Ryan and I were visited by "Captain Mickey D", who was a circus clown with a trained duck act.
I remember Casey telling me about the act, because he was a part of it as a teenager on Franzen Bros. Circus.
"Mickey" has offered to train a duck act for me, but since I am not going to be taking my ducks on Vazquez next year, I declined.
Still, I had a good time hearing stories and duck training tips, and I enjoyed looking through the photo albums that "Mickey" brought. He even brought a few snapshots of the act for me to keep.

Our clown friend, Jeff Potts, was also visiting today. We are in his neck of the woods, so we'll be seeing him a few times over the next several days.

This is the lot where I first took Emmie swimming last year, but neither of the ducks seemed interested in playing in the creek this time around.
The water was deeper than I remember it being last year, and the current was also very strong. Emmie spent his whole time in the water trying to find a way back onto dry land, and Polly just floated along, without even trying to swim, bathe, or play.

Polly has actually been acting very strange for the past two days. She's very lethargic, and today she was aggressive towards me and Emmie; not her usual behavior at all.
I'm pretty sure she is sick. Jeff Potts knows a vet in tomorrow's town that deals with farm animals, so I got their number to make an appointment for Polly.

Yesterday I bashed my left heel on the edge of a cabinet door, and it was really aggravating me today while I was wearing clown shoes.
Ryan gave me a bandage to put over the wound, and I also wore an extra sock under my striped clown socks to give me a little more protection.

I was very happy that I was back in my performing groove after having a few rough days of shows. It definitely put me in better spirits by the end of the work day.


Anonymous said...

Where are the ducks going, since you aren't taking them? Are you going to staying in your trailer when you are part of the new circus?

Steve Copeland said...

I'm going to find a good home for the ducks in Oklahoma. Most likely a farm where they can have other ducks to be around.

I am getting a newer trailer for next year on Vazquez.