Thursday, July 25, 2013

Stuck In The Middlefield With You Part Deux

Wednesday, July 24: Middlefield, OH-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 13
Lot: middle school

We were told that a tractor was coming at 6 a.m. to pull us off the lot in Chardon. By 6:20 there was still no sign of a tractor, and encouraged by Raul leaving the lot without a problem, I decided to take matters into my own hands.
I turned on my 4 Wheel Drive and went for it. My truck was fighting the soft ground the whole way, but I made it off the lot and on the road to Middlefield.

Once at the new lot, we had to wait for awhile while Alex and Tavo deliberated over where to park everyone.
Eventually it was decided that the tent and semis would go on the grass, which was soft, and all the trailers would be spotted on the parking lot next to the tent.

At first I was afraid that we would all be parked on the opposite side of the tent from the back door, but when I came back from my walk into town, I found that the back door was located on our side. Whoo hoo!

After unloading the props, Peter and I went to Walmart. Since I will not have the benefit of a cookhouse on Vazquez, I decided that I need to start working on my cooking again.
I spent way more money on groceries this trip than I have in quite awhile. It made me realize how much I'll miss the cookhouse next year.

Jerry Jacobson, a former circus clown, and his lady friend came to visit with me in between shows. I met Jerry our first year on Kelly Miller, but I haven't seen him since then.
He regaled me with stories from his time on Mills Bros., Rudy Bros., and the Hoxie show until it was time for the evening performance to begin.

The 7:30 crowd was phenomenal. We absolutely killed them with the carpenter gag. It seems that the Amish are our key demographic; unfortunately there isn't a Yoder Bros. Circus....

The weather has cooled down a lot over the past couple of days. It was a perfect temperature for performing today, but it did feel a little chilly by night fall.
Radar, Elisa, Peter, and I took advantage of the two day stand and had a barbecue after the shows.
We ate, laughed, and watched the tigers play right next to us.

In closing, here we are with our rockstar buddy, Matthew, in Chardon, OH.

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