Tuesday, July 16, 2013

"They're Just People."- Mother To Child. "So Is Soylent Green."- Me

Sunday, July 14: Dalton, MA-2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Michael Newton-Brown came to visit Kelly Miller today. Michael was in an early class of Clown College, and he spent time on the Ringling Red Unit in 1971; he currently is a lighting designer.
I had a great time visiting with Michael before and after the first show; I love picking people's brains about their time in the Ringling Clown Alley.

There was a gentleman from the Lions Club that we started shooting the breeze with yesterday while we were waiting for the trombone gag to begin.
Today we talked with him some more, and he was nice enough to share some BBQ chicken skewers with us.

There were a lot of strange people coming up to us during the intermissions today. I was actually glad when it was time to retreat to the safety of the ring!

There was a little girl sitting in the front row during the second show that was taunting me loudly during the mouth chase.
She kept sticking her tongue out at me and yelling, "You can't get me! You can't get me!"
Finally I grew tired of the distraction and aimed a stream of water at the bally cloth where she was sitting.
The startled girl jumped back in her chair and learned that when a big, spitting mouth is involved, I CAN get her!

Monday, July 15: Warren, PA-Travel Day
Miles: 452
Lot: Betts Park

Christian visited a donut shop at the entrance of the lot this morning to get us some snacks and coffee for our long drive.

The big jump really wasn't that bad since I had Christian to keep me company; we talked and laughed almost the whole time.
Most importantly, my trailer didn't fall apart. Hooray!

It was a very hot day, so as soon as I got to the lot I set my ducks up in the shade with two tubs full of cold water.
Once they were comfortable, I jumped in my truck to head into town. There was no point sticking around in my roasting trailer; I figured the more time I could spend in air conditioned places until the generator truck arrived and was started, the better!

I went out to get a late lunch, and I also picked up a video game for Peter, who was celebrating his birthday.

The rest of the day was laid back. Radar, Elisa, Lindsay, Christian, and I had a barbecue for dinner, and I spent the evening relaxing and catching up on my "stories" (used in the way old ladies talk about soap operas).

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Bruce the Clown said...

Soylent Green is people???!! Who knew . . .