Sunday, July 21, 2013

"What Are You Guys Smoking?"- Man At Intermission

Saturday, July 20: Windham, OH-2:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.
Miles: 30
Lot: Old KT Field

A thunderstorm woke me up around 4 a.m. It was raining cats and dogs, and I seem to remember waking up on and off for the next two hours and hearing the rain continue.

When I woke up to start my truck, I noticed there was standing water all over the lot. I put my truck in 4 Wheel Drive, but I hit a dip filled with water a few yards from the edge of the lot and got myself stuck. I had to be pulled out by the show's Bobcat.

When I got to Windham I noticed that the ground was already soft from all the rain the area received during the night.
It took a long time for all the vehicles to arrive. I believe most of the trucks had to be pulled off the last lot and then pulled onto the new lot.
Setting up the tent was way behind. To make matters worse, maybe 20 minutes after I arrived, it began to rain again. That downpour lasted quite awhile too.

A man came up to me and Ryan during one of the Intermissions today to commiserate with us over the beating we take in the carpenter gag.
"I don't think people realize that what you do is hard," he began. "I mean, I saw the handle of that hammer hit you!", he said to Ryan.
I had to bite my cheek to keep from laughing. The guy actually thought that Ryan and I were using real tools in the gag!
I guess that's a testament to the quality of our props, and our clowning abilities. Or the guy doesn't get out much....
He went on to give us helpful hints on how to protect ourselves from serious injury. Apparently a man that he works with is "throwing s***" at him all the time.

After the shows a humongous tractor came to pull us all off the lot. I turned my 4 Wheel Drive on to try and leave the lot myself, but the elephant semi had dug ruts in front of me, and they filled up with water during the day's rainy periods. (Did I mention it started to come down again as soon as the second show ended?) I got stuck as soon as my front tires went in the little moat, and I had to wait for the tractor to free me.

We all moved just down the street to a school parking lot. It was a bummer not having power for a few hours after the show like we usually do on weekends, but I did have a pleasant evening enjoying the nice, post rain weather outside while visiting with Radar and Elisa.

Sunday, July 21: Aurora, OH-2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.
Miles: 20
Lot: Pioneer Trail Ball Field

Circus fan Ed Limbach was on hand this morning with several dozen donuts for the cast and crew. Thanks, Ed!
I had a nice chat with him while the show trucks were still arriving. Ed did his part to promote the show coming to Aurora by writing press releases for the local paper. He even wrote one about me and Ryan.

Al, our billposter, was around today, and our advance clown, John, came to visit with his wife, Clara, and Clara's parents.
It was nice to see them again, but hopefully next time we'll have more time to visit.

Brian Searle, a former Ringling clown, came to see the first show with his family. Brian was recently in the movie "Oz The Great And Powerful" as a clown; Christian was very excited when I shared that news with him, since he is a big fan of the film.
It was fun hanging out with the Searles between shows and sharing funny stories.

After the shows a few of us went to go see "World War Z". I went into the movie knowing that it was going to be nothing like the book of the same name, which I loved. Still, I enjoy zombie movies, and even though the way the zombies behaved was a little silly at times, the movie was certainly action packed and didn't bore me.

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