Friday, August 9, 2013

"Are You Guys The Head Clowns In The Circus?"- Boy At Intermission

Thursday, August 08: Point Place, OH-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 12
Lot: Friendship Park

Mary, one of my classmates from Mooseburger Clown Arts Camp back in 2000 and 2001, brought donuts this morning for me and Ryan. Thanks, Mary, and also Michael Harber, who acted as donut delivery man.

Our friend, Eggroll, who is the ringmaster for Big Apple Circus, came to visit today. I owed him lunch from this past winter, so we went to a great diner before the first show.
"Thanks, Steve"- Eggroll         :o)

Eggroll watched the first show with Dick Kohlreiser, who was also visiting. Ryan and I got to see Bob Wink, who is from Bowling Green, and Mary, my Moosecamp friend at the first Intermission as well.

Besides giving us the gift of many funny stories, Eggroll loaded me and Ryan up with all kinds of goodies.
We now own his clown make up kit, his sewing kit, various sound effects paraphernalia (like a bike horn and a wooden ratchet), funny wigs (even a flip up wig), and much more!

Perhaps the funniest wig that Eggroll gave us was a natural looking blonde wig. Ryan wore it in the carpenter gag, so when I ran the planer over his head I pulled the wig off.
We got some big laughs with all the silly stuff I did with the hairpiece after scalping Ryan. Big time comedy, baby!

John Bolster and his friend Greg took me out to eat after the shows. John has invited me out almost every year we've played near Toledo, so I'm glad I got to take him up on his offer this time.
Thank you, John!

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