Thursday, August 15, 2013

"How'd You Like To Go For A Ride With Me And Forty Of My Friends?"- Clown Pick Up Line

Wednesday, August 14: Holly, MI-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 40
Lot: Holly Rd. & Quick Rd.

This morning I walked to a nearby McDonald's so I could leach off their WiFi and watch the newest episode of the TV show, "Breaking Bad". It was excellent!

While I was waiting for the episode to finish loading, I was listening to the old men sitting at the table next to me as they drank their coffee and solved the world's problems.
One man had gone to the lot to see if the tent raising had begun, and this sparked a discussion about the circus and its history that was very entertaining to hear.
Here are some choice excerpts:

"I don't know if Ringling Bros. is still in business!"
"There's a clown university; it's still in operation."
"The circus is a well put together operation. They make a lot of money. It's quiet money, but it is there."
"Is this the Miller Circus?"
"It's a spin off of Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey!"

When I got back to the lot I met up with my friend, Katy, who was instrumental in bringing the circus back to Holly.
She brought donuts from the Holly Donut Shop, so I took them to the cookhouse where they could be enjoyed by everyone.

Paul, who is a fan of the blog, was at the lot to watch the tent raising with his family, including two of my biggest fans, his children, Gavin and Amelia.
I went by to see them before they left. They were underwhelmed since I wasn't in make up, but they had warmed up to me by the time they were leaving.

I took Ryan and Peter to downtown Holly this afternoon where we went antique shopping. In one store I found a great hardcover Laurel and Hardy book that gives reviews and synopses of their shorts, and in another shop I found an issue of "Variety" that features the 107th Edition of Ringling from 1977.

Paul and his family came to see the 4:30 show. Gavin colored a clown picture for me (which is now hanging on my fridge in a place of honor); he even gave the clown in the photo red hair and a blue mouth. A+ for accuracy, Gavin!

Between shows I did a quick photo shoot with Beth Stalker, Katy's singer/songwriter next door neighbor. We got some great shots, and I can't wait to see them all.

This is the only one I've seen so far. She must be reacting to my pick up line.

Ashley, my karaoke buddy from a few years ago, was at the second show with her family. Unfortunately I was busy at Intermission, so we didn't have time to rock a duet.

After the shows Radar, Elisa, and I went out to dinner with Katy, her husband, Jason, and Jesse, who is the former mayor of Holly (did I mention he's a year younger than me!!!).
We had a nice visit, and Katy was nice enough to pick up the bill.
Thank you for dinner, and for all your hard work to bring us back to Holly, Katy!


John said...

We used to get 45 in the Volkswagen.

flowerdave said...

We sure enjoyed the show Steve.