Sunday, August 4, 2013

"I Can't Believe I Actually Got To Talk To Steve & Ryan!"- Megan

Friday, August 2: Hartville, OH-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Jeff Potts came by again today with Noah, his youngest son. Jeff and Ryan have been sharing embarrassing early videos of themselves as clowns, so this morning I added my early footage to the mix.
We watched the graduation performances from the two times I attended the Mooseburger Clown Arts Camp in Minnesota.
Hoo boy....

Jeff took me, Ryan, and Peter to a Joann Fabrics so we could pick up some material for next year's costumes. Unfortunately they didn't have anything we wanted; the only thing we bought was some cheap fabric so Ryan can use it to try out a costume pattern.

Mickey D, clown and duck trainer extraordinaire, was back around the lot today, so I visited with him for a bit before the first performance.

We had great audiences tonight; they were a lot of fun to perform for.
There was a family that won a backstage tour through some kind of Internet contest, so John Moss brought them back before finale, when most of the cast is around.
I chatted with them a bit, and I took a picture of them standing next to Lamount on stilts.

After the shows we had to move off the lot, so I said goodbye to Jeff and his family before getting my rig ready to move to the Hartville Hardware parking lot.

Saturday, August 3: Avon, OH-2:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.
Miles: 75
Lot: Village school

There was a little scale model village next to my trailer today in Avon. All I could think of was "Tiny Town" from an episode of the hilarious television show, "Arrested Development".
(If you don't know what I'm talking about, stop what you're doing and go rent or buy the three original seasons of that show. NOW!)

I was very tempted to hop the fence and take that Snoopy for the top of my truck's box.

There was a broken rim on the little clown car today, so we didn't use it for the first show. Danny fixed it in between shows, but when we drove it out for the second performance, I went down into a rut caused by the elephants, and the wheel came completely off before we had gone all the way around the ring.
The back end of the car crashed to the ground and we were left sitting at an angle; luckily we have an anchor to throw out, so it made the crash look like a bit in the gag.
I was happy that we were able to still incorporate the car alarm bit into the gag even though the car was in a different place in the ring; we just had to switch around some of our choreography on the fly to make it work.

Dave, the brother of John, our advance clown, was at the first show with his wife and daughter.

Here we are with Megan

Yesterday and today for the first show, the gimmick I use to make sparks appear to shoot out of the circular saw was not on the carpenter box. Although I had set the prop where I always do, somehow, two days in a row, it wound up far away from the box, on the ground by the tent's sidewall.
At first we were angry about the situation, but we finally figured that the best course of action was to take matters into our own hands. 
I simply gave the gimmick to Ryan backstage, and he set it in its proper place at the beginning of the gag. Problem solved!

Luckily the audiences today were very responsive, which helped put me in a better mood after the day's earlier frustrations.
Going to Buffalo Wild Wings and Cold Stone after the shows didn't hurt either!

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