Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"I'm Not Afraid Of Clowns Anymore"- Girl Walking By Coloring Book Table

Monday, August 26: Bourbon, IN-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 44
Lot: Triton School Grounds

This morning I gave Jaime, the electrician, the new plugs I bought for my trailer. He quickly installed them in the morning before the generator came on.
Later in the day my power shut off while I was cooking sauce for my pasta; I was afraid I had already burnt out my new plugs, but it wasn't just me. All the trailers plugged into the backyard gypsy box lost power; I assume from everyone running their air conditioners full blast.

The harness inside the big mouth prop loves to give us trouble. A week or so ago, one of the shoulder straps snapped off. I was making due with just one strap, but during the first show today a piece of the harness that goes around my waist broke as well. (Too many Tasty Kakes, perhaps?)
Fridman was nice enough to weld the two broken areas between shows. I just hope we can get 8 more weeks out of the prop without too many headaches.

While we were on the midway in the school wagon (which is where the welding equipment is), Doyne Snider, who I met in Peru, IN last year, came over to say hello. He had brought a calliope to play on the midway, so at least Fridman had some jaunty tunes to keep him entertained while he welded.

In closing, here's a message I received on the Steve & Ryan FB fan page:

"My son can't stop talking about you guys. He loved the circus, and you guys especially. You made his day, thanks."

Our pleasure, sir! At least now there's someone besides ourselves that can't stop talking about us!

Tuesday, August 27: Demotte, IN-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 75
Lot: School Grounds

On this morning's jump I was flipping through radio stations when I heard the song, "New Math", by Tom Lehrer.
If any of you are not familiar with Tom Lehrer, he is a very funny musical satirist; I highly encourage you to look up his songs. Some of my personal favorites are "So Long Mom, I'm Off To Drop The Bomb (The WWIII Song)", "National Brotherhood Week", and "The Hunting Song".

I also heard an interesting news story about the world's quietest room, which has a sound level of -9 decibels. Apparently it is so quiet that when you are inside you can hear your blood flowing!
Prolonged exposure to the extreme quiet can drive you mad. In fact, the radio host said the longest anyone has lasted in the room is 45 minutes.

We had many visitors today. Jimmy and Teppa Hall, who have a great bear act, stopped by on their way from a fair date, Luigi and Silvia, our juggler friends from Circo Garcia, drove over 90 miles to see Kelly Miller, and Beth Grimes came up from Lafayette to visit and work the crowds as a guest clown.

Ryan and I switched roles in the trombone gag because Ryan felt the routine was becoming too rote. I look forward to exercising my improvisational muscle in the act since I am now doing most of the talking over the microphone.

It was extremely hot and humid today. My shower after the shows felt so wonderful.

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