Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Kelleys Island 2013

Monday, August 5: Kelleys Island, OH-4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.
"My Son Thinks You Guys Are The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread!"- Woman At Intermission
Miles: 31
Lot: Ballfield

There were a lot of islanders at the lot this morning for the tent set up, so Radar did a live demonstration of the tiger paw print paintings that he is selling.

Just a reminder, if you'd like to purchase one of these unique gifts, please e-mail me at
Proceeds go towards building new enclosures for the tigers.

Peter, Elisa, and I took a golf cart out to have lunch, and we also drove around the island, hitting all the major sight seeing points.
I spotted this cool Kelleys Island circus shirt that I just had to pick up, even if the picture quality wasn't the greatest.

Even though it was a sunny day, it was much cooler weather than we've become accustomed to. As the afternoon wore on, I could tell that I was getting sick; a sore throat was definitely setting in.

There was a family at the first performance who told us that they saw the show in Richfield and decided to come back to catch it again on KI. Gluttons for punishment...

After the shows a large group of people from Kelly Miller went over to the Village Pump for dinner.
One of the waitresses tried to kill Elisa. As she was handing out bundles of silverware, a fork flew out of her hands directly at Elisa's chest.
It was obvious the waitress was a ninja assassin. She was Asian after all....

To show their support for the circus (or to avoid a lawsuit over the fork incident), the Pump gave out pitchers of their famous Brandy Alexander to all of us from the circus.

The circus children got to drink their Brandy Alexander with crazy, swirly straws

It would have been nice to take a nighttime lap around the island on the go cart, but it was so chilly out that I didn't want to aggravate the cold I was cultivating. 

Tuesday, August 6: Kelleys Island, OH-4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.
"So, I Heard You're Retiring"- "In The Know" Woman At Intermission

This morning I did some souvenir shopping for myself and friends, and then Pete, Elisa, and I went to have lunch. We tried a restaurant we'd never been to before; after trying their food, I wished we would have stuck with one of our regular haunts.

I was still feeling sick today, and since I had two shows and a night jump to get through, I called it an early afternoon and took a nap before getting into make up.

The sun came out in time for the shows and it became very muggy and hot. I wish it had been like that earlier in the day; then I would have been tempted to go to the beach.
Instead it was overcast and cool up until show time - weather I'd much rather work in.

There was a big group of college kids at the first show who were dressed up for the circus. Some were clowns, some were dressed as ringmasters or animals. Some were dressed as freak show attractions....I think.
Ryan and I were making jokes about their ridiculous appearance until I remembered that I'm an almost 30 year old man who wears make up for a living...

During the second half of the evening show I was packing my trailer and getting ready for my island departure.
As soon as finale was over I changed into a jumpsuit and hopped in my truck. Arwen asked if she could ride to the next town with me since her mom was leaving at Intermission, so as soon as she had changed out of her finale costume we headed for the dock.

We only had to wait for a few minutes before a ferry arrived, and we drove right onto it.
Once we arrived at the mainland it was only a 44 mile jump to Oregon, the next town. 


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