Thursday, August 22, 2013

Quote Of The Day In Post

Wednesday, August 21: Manistee, MI-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 53
Lot: Industrial Park

Woman: "You guys kill me! You killed me last year, and I came back this year, and you killed me again!"

The route slip this morning warned us that the lot in Manistee had patches of sand, so we were told to wait on the road until we were directed to our parking spot.
I don't think anyone got stuck until later in the day; it was pretty soft and sandy over by the midway and animal area.

I was bummed we were on a different lot in Manistee. Usually we are right, smack dab in downtown, but this year we were about a mile and a half away.

I badly needed to do laundry, so I walked about a mile to the nearest laundromat. I would have taken my truck, but the route slip had me so paranoid that I was sure I would sink into quicksand and never be seen again.
While my clothes were washing I walked to downtown Manistee, but it was still too early for most of the cool shops to be open.

I saw on the route slip for tomorrow that we are driving over one hundred miles south in the morning. The one consolation is that I am definitely ready to get away from the area of Michigan we've been in recently.


The Old Timer said...

Lewiston was as far north as you got in Michigan, Steve. That's 91 miles by road SE of the U.P. You're not a Yooper, you're a Troll because you were only below the Bridge, Mackinac that is.

Steve Copeland said...

A troll, eh?
Well, I do live under a bridge and club billy goats.
I stand corrected.