Saturday, August 24, 2013


Thursday, August 22: Howard City, MI-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
"Michigan Roads Suck"- Seen On A Man's T-Shirt
Miles: 101
Lot: Ball Field

We had a really good audience for the second show tonight. While I was laughing during the carpenter gag, a big glob of spit flew out of my mouth and splashed onto the ring mat by my feet.
Ryan started laughing and looking down, so I suddenly became very self conscious, thinking that my fly was down.
After the act Ryan explained what happened and I was able to share in the laughter.

Speaking of laughter, here's this!

Nico Lewis

Friday, August 23: Grand Haven, MI-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
"Remember When I Was Shorter Than You?"- Kid Who Hit His Growth Spurt
Miles: 61
Lot: Harbor Island

Carolyn had some shirts made for the members of the Kelly Miller Circus, and I received mine today.

Yeah, yeah, so I'll be a hypocrite when I wear it. I'm more concerned with when Kelly Miller is getting a roller coaster!

This morning I took Christian to Walmart so he could get a MoneyGram; it worked out perfectly since I needed to buy groceries.

Later in the day Ryan, Peter, and I went to downtown Grand Haven. In a music shop, Peter bought a beautiful guitar similar to the kind Chuck Berry used.
Pete was trying it out before he purchased it, and the owner of the shop correctly identified the song he was playing as "Stray Cat Strut".
Pete replied affirmatively, but added that he wasn't playing it very well.
I added that it was more of a "Stray Cat Limp".

Ryan and I had quite a few visitors at the second show. We got to see Tedrick, who was a clown on Ringling's Blue Unit back in 1986, but unfortunately his wife couldn't make it to the show.
Also in the crowd was the Agular family, who have come to support us every year we've played Michigan.
Our first year on Kelly Miller I believe the Agulars came to about five different shows in a couple of different towns. Every year since then I've gotten to visit with them, usually in Grand Haven.

After the shows, Landon, the head of the Agular family, picked up some pizzas so we could all have a picnic.
We set up our coloring book table as a pizza buffet, and Radar and Elisa joined us for our meal under the stars.
I was glad we got to see the Agulars this year, and they're planning on making a trip to see us next year on Vazquez as well.


Fr Frank Cancro said...

Steve: Let ryan know that when i was doing the Ice Cream Social with the ladies on the show, his son came in, went right to the ice cream and when he realized he had to wait, he stole the chocolate syrup and ran out of the cookhouse. Chased back in a minute later, his face and clothes were covered in chocolate and he held onto the syrup bottle until he was bribed with ice cream...clearly has some great marketing skills! LOL
-Father Frank

Steve Copeland said...

Nico indeed knows how to work the system!
Thanks for sharing the story.