Monday, August 5, 2013

"We Follow You!"- Man Waving By The Side Of The Road On Kelleys Island

Sunday, August 4: Monroeville, OH-2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.
Miles: 45
Lot: 101 West Street

On a toll road we took this morning there was a service plaza with an RV dump station. I took advantage of that free service, and I also filled up my gas tank for the jump to Kelleys Island after today's shows.

My photographer friend, Kerri, was driving from Cambridge, OH to the Detroit area, and her trip brought her right by our lot in Monroeville.
She stopped for a quick visit and then continued on her way.

Mark Finn and his wife, who are circus fans and former clowns from the area, were at the first show. They saw us in Millersburg earlier in the year, when the show went through the fiasco of finding a suitable lot ( I'm glad they got to see the show under more normal circumstances this time.

 Us with Mark
With Bryan and Brianne

During the beginning of the second carpenter gag, Ryan was acting very strange. During a part where he normally yells at me, he simply pointed and pantomimed.
I finally realized what was going on when he got hit in the face with the board the first time. He had been storing a lot of little lima beans in his mouth, and he was just waiting until the first hit to spit them out like they were his teeth.
He managed to fit three separate teeth spitting bits into the gag, and each time I was able to play off of it differently. It was a fun break from the monotony of doing the same gag every day.

We didn't have finale for the shows today so everyone could get to the ferry and over to Kelleys Island sooner. After the mouth chase I quickly packed up my house, got my truck hooked up to my trailer, and left the lot.
I was headed out of Monroeville before the elephant act had even begun!

When I got to Marblehead, OH, where ferries take the trailers and show trucks across Lake Erie to the island, I only had to wait a few minutes before boarding a boat.
I got on with Tavana, Father Notter, and Ryan, who pulled up just around the time the ferry was being loaded.

I left my make up on for the trip to a) make it to the island faster, and b) to give a treat to all the people waiting for the circus's arrival.

I was actually a little disappointed; since I came over so early, there weren't as many people as normal waiting to welcome the circus. 

Once I was parked at the lot and had a chance to clean up, Peter and I walked into town to rent golf carts for the two day stand.
A group of us then went to the Village Pump, the official K.I. hangout spot, to have dinner. Mr. North was dining there as well, and he was nice enough to pick up our checks. Thanks, Mr. North!

After a quick loop around the island on our cart, it was time for bed. It was way too chilly out to drive around for too long.

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