Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"You Look Like A Pig Roast!"- Woman To Her Son, Who Put His Caramel Apple In His Mouth For A Photo With Us

Tuesday, August 20: Empire, MI-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 54
Lot: Eagles Meadow

This morning Ryan and I spent some time reworking the schedule and curriculum for our Circus Clowning Intensive.

At noon there was an ice cream social in the cookhouse hosted by Father Frank Cancro, who is a circus priest.
I was especially interested in Father Frank's life story, because he started out as a circus clown with Circus Kirk and Carson & Barnes back in the 70s. The story of how he became a priest was especially inspiring, and  it helped me realize the impact you can have on people without even realizing it.

In addition to Father Frank, I also met Maurissa, who is filming a documentary on the Fathers and Sisters that bring the word of God to circuses.
Maurissa's crew is going to be on Kelly Miller for a few days filming footage and conducting interviews.

During the first Intermission a man walked by wearing a straw boater hat. Since he looked like he belonged in a barbershop quartet, Ryan and I began singing, "Hello, My Baby" to him, which made him laugh.
An older man that was walking by in the opposite direction marveled, "You know all the clown songs!"
Perplexed, I turned to Ryan and said, "I didn't know that was a clown song....."

During the second Intermission there were two boys, twins, who were wearing authentic Bavarian garb. Ryan started speaking German to them, which went over their heads; their father was impressed though.

Photo by Carolyn Rice

In closing, I have a request from my friend, Bill Prickett:

Joe Frisco Sr. is celebrating his 80th birthday on August 31st. If anyone would like to mail him a card, here is the address:

Carol Frisco
4821 W. Alta Lane
Peoria, IL 61615

Thank you!


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