Friday, September 13, 2013

D**n Skills Clowns!

Thursday, September 12: Hillcrest, IL-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 30
Lot: Calvary Lighthouse Church

I remembered the Hillcrest lot from last year because I was parked on the midway. Luckily this year I was lucky and ended up backstage.
Raul and Ryan were not so lucky, because several hours after being parked, a lady came around yelling that they were on private property, so they had to pack up their RVs and move (not an easy feat since it was such a tight lot).

Ryan, and I took a road trip to Dekalb in the morning to get supplies and to get away from the circus for awhile.
The harness inside the big mouth broke last night, so Ryan and I needed to buy stronger metal from Lowe's. We also needed a few other supplies for various props we are building.

Back at the lot I picked up Elisa and our dirty clothes for a trip to the laundromat. While we were there I called my Mom, who was celebrating her birthday. I will get to see her on Sunday since she will be in Chicago and we have the day off.

Ryan and I are doing a short club passing routine in the second half until the mouth can be properly fixed. It went well for both shows; no audience members were maimed.

The second crowd was fantastic. They were so much fun to perform for, and the people we met at Intermission were very complimentary of our work.

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