Thursday, September 19, 2013

"I'm Happy To Be Here"- Woman We Were Hugging In The Trombone Gag

Tuesday, September 17: Robbins, IL-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 18
Lot: 135th & Claire

This morning Ryan got a head start on finishing up work on the new harness for the big mouth. Once I woke up from my nap I helped him get the harness attached to the mouth again; I then tried it on and got everything situated the way I like it.
The mouth gag is back in action!

I went out for a little while this afternoon, but when I came back, I had a hard time getting back to the lot. The city completely blocked off the street that contains the entrance to the lot, because the hose providing water to the show was stretched across the road.

The mouth gag went well after its short hiatus. The new harness is made out of thicker metal, which makes the whole thing heavier. Also, I need to put more gauze on the ends of the shoulder straps, because they are rubbing on my collarbone.

Robbins is not the best area, so there were lots of bullet proof vest clad cops around to maintain order.
One cop told us that the lot we were playing used to be a housing development, and he claimed that the piece of property had the most murders committed on it in the whole state of Illinois.

All things considered, everyone we met tonight was very nice, and the audiences loved us. Maybe Ryan and I need to work Universoul sometime in our future....

There was a little bit of excitement during the second Intermission when a fight broke out between two women, one of whom was holding her child the whole time.
The cops quickly ran in like a S.W.A.T team and broke up the skirmish. It happened right over by us, but we couldn't see because everyone started crowding around to watch and take video on their phones.

As we were leaving the tent we saw Mr. North coming back in. We told him he had missed the excitement, but he assured us that he was there when it started.
Ryan then queried, "Why were you out there starting fights?"

After the shows we had a night jump to Yorkville, which is a town we played a couple of weeks ago. We are playing Lockport on Thursday (in fact, we drove right by the lot on the way to Yorkville), but we're not allowed to stay there for our day off tomorrow.

When I arrived at the lot, I asked Alex, the 24 Hour Man, if he was able to use arrows from a couple of weeks ago to direct us to town, and he agreed that his job getting us to Yorkville was pretty easy.

Wednesday, September 18: Yorkville, IL-Day Off!
Miles: 44
Lot: fairgrounds

Ryan and I hit the road at 6:30 a.m. to begin the three hour drive up to Baraboo, WI.

We spent the day visiting with Greg DeSanto at the International Clown Hall of Fame. Both Ryan and I had a wonderful time talking with Greg and geeking out on all the amazing clown memorabilia and paraphernalia contained in the museum.

In the afternoon we took a break from our clown geek fest to visit our friend, Scott O'Donnell, who is the new executive director of the Circus World Museum.
Scott just began his job two days ago, but he was nice enough to take some time to visit with us and give us a tour of the museum grounds, as well as the amazing research library.

Back at the Clown Hall of Fame, Ryan and I continued poring over clown history until it was time to leave. We were hoping to spend the night in Baraboo, but because of the situation back at the show, we had to get back to make the jump to Lockport in the morning.

I was very tired on the drive back to Yorkville. I was running on only a few hours of sleep, and my brain was on clown overload.
Still we made it back to the lot around 1:30 a.m. and crashed in our beds.

Many thanks to Greg DeSanto, Scott O'Donnell, and everyone at Circus World Museum for a wonderful day off!

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