Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Safety Word Is Banana

Friday, September 13: Mendota, IL-4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Miles: 38
Lot: Tri-County Fairgrounds

I spent this morning helping Ryan with some of the new props he is building. Also, we tested out the slapstick that our friend, Don Lansu, lent us last Sunday.
It is a wooden slapstick that holds a .38 blank, so when you hit someone with it, there is an explosion. Lately, when Don and his wife use it in performance, they can't get the explosion to go off, so he hoped we'd be able to diagnose the problem.

Since we were dealing with a potential explosion, we went around the lot and told all the animal trainers beforehand. There's nothing funny about a stampede caused by clown hijinx.
We then went into the tent with the loaded slapstick and gave it a whirl:


The results weren't what we'd hoped for....

Ryan then took the slapstick over to one of the king poles and gave it a hardy smack, which produced an explosion.
Ryan surmised that he hadn't hit me hard enough the first time (I begged to differ), so once again I "assumed the position".


We learned that the slapstick is working great. You have to hit it just right so there is enough surface area making contact, and you really have to clobber the recipient.
I'll stick to foam props, thank you.

Ryan and I then tried bending the metal that we bought for the new mouth harness, but it proved too difficult for us given what we had to work with.

John, our advance clown, and his wife, Clara, came to visit for the weekend once they had finished up in the town they had been promoting.
After the shows they joined a few of us for dinner at a pizza parlor in town.


cirbly said...

Next time put a board over you butt!

Steve Copeland said...

Now you tell me!!! ;o)