Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday, November 17

Greetings from exhausting Hugo, OK!

All week Ryan, John, and I have been working on clown props; me and Ryan on our props for Vazquez, and John on his props for Kelly Miller. Radar was nice enough to help us out by welding the metal frames for a couple of our larger props.
Monday was our first day really concentrating on all the work we had to do. We went in after the Winter Quarters crew had finished for the day, and once we started, six hours flew by before we knew it.

Ryan began carving foam props, and since he needed to carve a couple of heads, he had John walk down to the storage unit to grab the head from this year's carpenter gag.
As John was walking back to Winter Quarters, holding a realistic looking clown head, a truck drove by and then slammed on the brakes.
The driver stuck his head out of the window to get a better look, his face a mask of terror. John assured the man that it was just a clown prop, and the man continued on his way.
John said the whole situation was so hilarious, but he felt bad because the man was visibly shaken by the whole thing.
I guess that story is a testament to Ryan's talent as a prop maker!

I felt like we really lost our steam Tuesday night; not nearly as much progress was made. While making a base board for one of our box props, I made some bad measurements and therefore faulty cuts.
I was very upset with myself that I wasted our money, plus all the time I had spent on that one piece of wood. The next morning I had to buy a new board and start from scratch.

Wednesday was a much better day. A night of rest cleared my head, and Ryan and I came up with a simple solution to the problem that had seemed so difficult last night.

Ryan had to go to Paris to look at trucks, and while he was gone I put an ad on Craigslist for my old trailer.
I was amazed when my phone started ringing off the hook thirty minutes later! After talking to a few people, one lady said she wanted to commit to buying it, and she would be coming down from Oklahoma City to see the trailer in person.
When she and her husband came by in the evening, she gave me a downpayment. I'll be delivering the trailer to her this week, and then I'll have one big weight off my shoulders!

Ryan, John, and I put in a lot of hours on Wednesday. We didn't leave the shop until 1 a.m. We were beat!

On Thursday and Friday John was out of commission with the flu. Ryan and Tatiana went to Dallas and found the fifth wheel toy hauler trailer that they are going to buy. They also picked up their spiffy, new pick up truck.

This weekend was no time for rest. Since we had the shop to ourselves, Ryan, John, and I were there from morning until night. The good news is that we made some great headway on our props; of course, there is still plenty for us to do.
The time passed more pleasantly since I was able to hook up my iPod to Radar's stereo, which provided us with some prime tuneage.

I'll see you all next weekend with another update....if I haven't collapsed from sheer exhaustion by then!

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