Saturday, November 2, 2013

Saturday, November 2

Greetings from windy Hugo, OK!

It has been quite a busy week! 
Ryan and I began the Insanity Workout program on Monday, and for the first few days the three of us had difficulty walking, standing, and just generally moving around.
Luckily one day the program focused mainly on stretching, which put us back to our normal selves.

I am now the owner of a new (used) trailer! Since returning to Hugo, I have been scouring Craigslist for a new home for next season.
Ryan and I both want toy haulers for next season so that we have plenty of room for our props and equipment. 
This posed a problem for me, because I severely limited my options by narrowing my search criteria. Finally I found a trailer outside of Oklahoma City that looked very promising. The big selling points for this particular trailer were:
a) The storage area in back was separated from the living area by a door.
b) The bedroom was separated from the kitchen area by a door.
c) The biggest advantage: The kitchen area had an extra counter and a dinette. So many of the pull behind toy haulers I looked at were severely lacking in living space to provide more storage space.

Larry, the trailer's owner, met up with us once he could get away from work. We discussed the price, and then we headed into Oklahoma City to finalize paperwork and get my loan established.
Without further ado, here is my new home away from home:

Tomorrow I'm going to pick it up with my truck, and then the moving process will begin!

Ryan and I have had two clowning gigs since we returned to Hugo; the first being on Halloween.
We drove to Broken Bow, OK to provide strolling entertainment for their "Safe & Sane Halloween Party", a festival held downtown with games, candy, and entertainment for the trick or treaters.

Today was the 5th Annual Hugo Circus Festival, which raises money for the construction of the Circus City Museum & Research Center.
There were pony and elephant rides, face painting, circus snacks, and three performances for the people of Hugo.
Representing Kelly Miller in the three shows were Ryan and I, John Sayre, Girard Rosales, and John Moss. Natalie Chandler was there on behalf of Culpepper Merriweather, and her daughter, Georgia, even debuted her contortion act in the final performance.
Closing each show were the children from the Hugo Gymnastics program, who showed off their acrobatic prowess.

Last week when I posted, I promised some big it is.
Ryan and I are pleased to announce that our friend, John Sayre, after completing the year as the Kelly Miller advance clown, will be replacing us as the clown for Kelly Miller's 2014 season!
We are very proud of John, and we look forward to seeing him in the circus ring!

That's a wrap for next week. Tune in next Sunday to hear about the newest session of the Steve & Ryan Circus Clowning Intensive!


cirbly said...

So glad you got a good rig for next season. Looks great! You might want to check the back bumper though for going on lots next season! Don't want to drag that too many times. I have seen trailers with like small casters on the back bumpers. You might want to check with an RV dealer about such an item? Of course I'm sure you will be on pretty good lots with Vasquez. I'm going to have to find the Gaithersburg, MD date early next season so I catch you. Have seen the show a couple of times in Manassas, VA, but do not believe they have played there the last couple of season.

Steve Copeland said...

Hey Carl,

Great idea about the bumper casters. I've never heard of that.
I too am hoping the Vazquez lots are a little better than the majority of KM lots.
We shall see!
Hope to see you in Gaithersburg!


Michael Newton-Brown said...

Great looking rig. Very edgy. Now you have room for proper dinner parties!

Steve Copeland said...

That's right, Michael! I hope you can attend one!