Friday, December 20, 2013

Saturday December 14-Sunday, December 15

Greetings from I-70 West outside of Columbus. OH!

I know it isn't Throwback Thursday today, but here's a picture from Ryan's past that is proudly on display at his grandparents' house:

That's Ryan as a kid juggling for President Bill Clinton back in the 90s. Before leaving, President Clinton imparted these words of wisdom to the impressionable young Combs, "Don't take your jacket off. It's about to come to rain."
Great man. Great president. Great meteorologist. 

Here's another photo from Ryan's grandparents' house:

Know what that is?
Those are all my blog entries from Kelly Miller, printed out and filed away by Grandpa George.
Seeing it all in one place made me realize that I've written a lot of crap over the past five years!

On Saturday Ryan and I drove to New Bedford, MA for two shows at the Keith Middle School.
I didn't correctly read the tour info sheet, and we ended up circling the High School looking for an entrance before I realized that we were playing a different venue this year.

Our Santa, John Bundy, had conflicting gigs today, so Doc Swan stepped in as the jolly one.
It was great to see Doc again. He was the Santa my first three years on the Christmas tour, and I hadn't seen him since December of Aught Nine.

Eddie, a circus fan from the area, came to watch the two shows with his family. We chatted with him a bit throughout the day.

Amie, who helps Gail with the dogs, brought a portable, one cup coffee maker with her on the tour, which made her my new best friend. From then on she was nice enough to make coffee for me every day to keep me sane and caffeinated. 

The Middle School stage proved to be a difficult venue since it was set up for a concert the next day. Also, the front curtain didn't close (why would it, right?), which made for awkward prop changes. We're all pros and made it work, though.

Ryan had a lot of family at the shows today. His grandparents, his uncle Kevin, and his dad and stepmom all came to the first show, and his mom watched the second performance.

Ryan's dad, Chris, brought a couple of gifts for me, for which I was grateful. He brews his own beer, and he brought me a small jug of a coffee stout. He also brought a light up Bumble for me to use in my Very Merry Bumble Christmas display at home in Walterboro.

Around the time the shows began it started to snow. (Or "came to snow", as President Clinton might say)
By the time we were finished for the evening, there was a good coat of snow on everything.

Ryan and I stopped for dinner with his mom on the way back to Marlboro. Travel in the snow was very stressful for a good ol' Southern boy like me.
I drove the first shift to the restaurant, and Ryan drove the rest of the way. I think it is safe to say that I got the raw end of the deal since the snow was coming down heavily, and I couldn't see any lines on the road. It was slow going, to say the least.

Luckily by the time we had finished dinner the snowfall had subsided, and it was fairly easy going to Ryan's grandparents' house.

We had to shovel snow once we got to the house so we could gain access to the driveway. It was fairly late by the time we got to sleep.

On Sunday morning we slept in to get some much needed rest, and we hit the road close to lunch time.
We were in no particular hurry to leave since we had the day off for travel.

Before we took off I helped Grandpa George with the snow in the driveway.

Well, actually I stood there and posed for a picture. Which helped him….take a picture of me standing by the snowblower….I guess.

Grandpa George said that they had received 10 inches of snow. I was glad that all the wintry weather was finished by the time we got up.

We made great time on our drive once we hit the road, and we were even able to get into our hotel in Norristown, PA at a decent hour.

Since we were playing in the Philadelphia area for the next several days, we decided to base our operations out of one hotel for the whole time.

I'll see you all tomorrow with another update!

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