Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday, December 1st

Greetings from Relaxing Hugo, OK!

This week was a lot more laid back than the past few have been; Ryan and I spent the majority of the week just relaxing. I started watching the British Sci-Fi/Comedy series, "Dr. Who", which Ryan, John, and Clara are always raving about.
I watched (and enjoyed!) the majority of the first season (from the newest reincarnation) with Ryan....and sometimes Nico.

When he wasn't running around playing with Angry Birds, of course.

On Thanksgiving Thursday I joined John, Clara, Dudley, Natalie, Georgia, Tootie, and Fridman over at Danny and Tavana's house for lunch. 
The food was incredible, and I was thankful that I got to spend the afternoon with good friends.
Later in the evening, John, Clara, and I went to Ryan's trailer to have leftovers from his family meal, and of course, to watch more "Dr. Who"!

In closing, here's a note from Clara:

Since I wasn't able to find a job here in Hugo, I've made my job this: Making bags that incorporate used circus tent vinyl...the first four bags are up and ready to ship! More bags will be showing up soon...if you want a custom bag or a bag made entirely of circus tent vinyl, message me. Thanks!

Those bags make great Christmas gifts! hint hint

See you all next weekend!


Clara said...

Thank you Steve!

Harry Kingston said...

Steve how can we get in touch with Clara as I am not on facebook and would like to get a bag just to put in my circus collection.
Harry in Texas

Steve Copeland said...


You can reach Clara at: