Thursday, February 20, 2014

Monday, February 17-Wednesday, February 19: Donna, TX

2/17/14- 7:30 p.m.

I was feeling pretty lousy all morning. I started catching a cold a few days ago, and today I was really feeling the congestion in my head.

I felt even worse after my nap, and on top of everything else I was losing my voice. Luckily a cup of coffee and an easy one show evening made me feel much better.

Our friends, Pat, Marites, and Mabelle Davison, were at the show, so it was nice to see their friendly faces in the crowds.

During our post show photo session, we met a little girl with an afro clown wig. She and I swapped hairdos and took this photo.

Our new friend, Yulissa

I spent a little time visiting with the Davisons after the show, and then after I got cleaned up and paid, we went into the tent where a birthday party for Jan Vazquez, the 16 year old ringmaster, was occurring.

We grabbed some food and cake, and visited with people for a little bit, but I wanted to get to bed at a decent hour so I could get some rest and hopefully kick my cold.

2/18/14- 7:30 p.m.

This morning I went to Best Buy so I could purchase a new television. I upgraded from my dinky 19 inch model to a brand new, wait for it.....
24 inch model!!!! (My trailer is just not equipped for a humongous television, but I'm very happy with my new acquisition)

Ryan and I both had a rough show. Nothing seemed to go right for us, and it left us feeling very frustrated. I was happy when the show ended, and I was comforted that we have another chance to get it right tomorrow.

During our post show photo session we met a family that had been at our radio publicity on Valentine's Day. The grandmother explained that they just wanted to come up and say hello, and she went on to say how they have always wanted to come to see Vazquez, but they could never afford it. 
The grandmother had the good fortune of winning tickets at that publicity, and they were just so happy that they were finally able to see the show.
It really made me stop and re-evaluate my bad mood and remind myself how grateful I should be for all the many blessings in my life.

Like this!

2/19/14- 7:30 p.m.

Back at the circus I went by Ryan's house to give Nico his present, a Luchador mask!

Now Nico and Uncle Steve can rock the amateur wrestling organizations of South Texas as the tag team sensation, Los Payasos Locos.
(For those of you who don't hablas el Espanol, Los Payasos Locos, roughly translated, is......The Payasos Locos!)

Not much to report from the show tonight, and that's a good thing!
There was one little snafu in opening: we were all in the ring styling at the end of the number, and the blackout took awhile to occur.
We were left standing there with our arms up, in complete silence, for a good 10 seconds (which is an eternity in a live show), until the lights went down and the band began playing Alexa's hula hoop music.
I, for one, was happy about the incident, because it allowed me to use one of my favorite lines, from one of my favorite movies, "Death To Smoochy": "That was an awkward sort of way."


Anonymous said...

First a necklace then comes a ring on the finger.

Anonymous said...

Slightly off Topic--
Local NBC news just did a 2 minute report complete with a made up professional Clown to report that the Clown Museum here in Florida released a report that there is a current professional Clown Shortage. Spokesmen said that the museum gets a call or two a week asking for Clown for the season. Who would of thought? They never mentioned who the on camera clown/spokesmen was.
As for me, headed back to Indiana in 3 / 4 weeks to open the Drive in. Once again you have made my life enjoyable again with your blog. Is any one doing a KM blog on a regular basis? I saw you URL you posted for the new clowns wife on KM, ute can't seem to find anything current.
Have a safe summer and I know that your are going to enjoy that new TV.
Jon Walker
Spencer Indiana
I've got to get back to Indiana for some square Donuts -- can't seem to locate any here in the area.

Steve Copeland said...

Think I can find a ring down there?


Good, regarding the clown shortage! More work for us!
I think there is some big announcement coming that the clown shortage piece is setting up for.....we'll see.
Thank you for enjoying the blog. The only person I know of on KM that is blogging is Clara, and I know they've been very busy over there.
Plus, regular blogging can be a real pain!
Wish I could have some square donuts to enjoy with the new TV. Take care!


Anonymous said...

Did I read your blog right? You have a 16 year old ring master?

Steve Copeland said...

Memo Vazquez is one of the ringmasters, but he will be jumping back and forth between units during the year.
Jan, who just turned 16, is Memo's nephew, and he also ringmasters.
There is also another gentleman, whose name I don't know, who began ringmastering a week or so ago.


Harry Kingston said...

On the 2 Vasquez units what area's will they play????
Will they be know as Vasquez East and West.
Thanks again for blogging for us fans.
Harry in Texas

Steve Copeland said...


You are correct. The two units will be East and West.
Our unit, East, will be playing Donna, Brownsville, Austin, Dallas/Ft. Worth, and Houston in Texas, Chicago, Atlanta, Gaithersburg and NYC (Bronx and Queens). Not all of that is official, just what I am going off of from the previous tours.
West is in San Antonio now, and they will be in Oklahoma City next. I believe they are playing AZ, CA, and even up into OR, but I know very little about their route.