Thursday, March 27, 2014

Monday, March 24-Wednesday, March 26: Brownsville, TX

3/24/14- 7:30 p.m.

This morning I went to do laundry. The laundromat I found was very busy; I was lucky that I found open dryers when I needed them.

At 3:30 p.m. Ryan and I had a television publicity in the tent. A local station, Televisa Noreste, was on site to film segments for its morning program, "Buenos Dias".
Alexa Vazquez and the dancers filmed some opening segments with the hosts, and then David did his diabolo act, Claudie performed her foot juggling act, and Ryan and I performed the carpenter gag.
At the end of the publicity Ryan and I filmed a closing segment with the hosts, and then we were done.
All the footage was going to be edited and broadcast Thursday morning on the program. I'm hoping we can get a copy of the show.

With the hosts, and Vivien, our PR lady

It was a chilly day, but my heart was warmed by the fact that we were back to several days of only performing one show and evening.

After the performance we had our third attempt at taking a cast photo. It took forever to get everyone set up, but Ryan and I were having a great time joking around with the dancers, Carmelo, and the other performers around us.

The new photo looks a little something like this, but theoretically at a better angle

After taking the real cast photo, the photographer had us all squeeze together to take a selfie like Ellen did at the Oscars. 

Ours is way better than hers

3/25/14- 7:30 p.m.

This afternoon my friend, Ramon, was in town for business, so he invited me out to lunch. We ate at a Mexican restaurant called "Antonio's" that his friend had recommended. The food was very tasty, and it was good to catch up with Ramon and hear his thoughts on the show.

After lunch Ryan, Tatiana, Nico, and I walked over to the mall movie theater to watch "Muppets: Most Wanted".
I thought the movie was fun, but it was a little long towards the end. Ryan had a good point when he mentioned that the movie started very strong with a lot of good comedy, but towards the end they lost their momentum.
Still, the music was great and I laughed a lot. And it was the Muppets!

Tonight in the show calamity struck the carpenter gag!
For the first bit in the act, I put a tool bag on the end of a board lying across two sawhorses. This causes the other end of the board to fly up in the air and "hit" Ryan in the face.
Well, tonight as the board came up, I felt that there was something different. I looked over to see if Ryan was alright, and he seemed dazed but unscathed. I figured the board must have scraped his body while going up and over.
After asking him if he was ok, I proceeded with the act. A few seconds later I heard Ryan ask, "What should I do?"
I looked over, and blood was seeping out of his clown nose and down his make up.

I quickly pulled the rag out of my back pocket and threw it to him, but the blood was not stopping, and there was no way to cover it up. Also, we had just started the act, so we weren't sure how to proceed. We decided to carry on, albeit quickly, and get out of the ring before the bleeding became worse.

My biggest fear was that the audience would see that Ryan was hurt and immediately shut down reaction wise, but they were laughing as if nothing had happened.....even though there were soon blood splotches all over Ryan's white shirt.
Either no one noticed, or these audiences are brutal!

The only part of the act we did differently was the ending. Ryan stayed in the carpenter box after the blow off, and I took the final style by myself on the ring curb.

Backstage I was relieved to find out that Ryan was ok. He had gotten bashed in the nose by the board, but nothing was broken.
He simply used some gauze to stop the bleeding, and then reapplied the make up around his mouth.

The guys backstage were giving me a hard time about the incident. Mario had the best joke, "Who taught you guys clowning? You don't actually hit each other!"

10 years ago on Ringling, Ryan busted my nose with a board in a similar manner. I told everyone that I just waited for my moment of revenge when he would least expect it!

Mandi, one of our local fans, was at the performance, and she came down after the show so her daughters could get a picture with us.
They didn't seem concerned with Ryan's well being, so I guess no one in the audience noticed that in the carpenter gag Ryan had a lot more red in his make up than usual.

After the show a group of us went to a bar and grill that was walking distance from the lot to celebrate the upcoming birthday of Laura, one of the dancers. 
I had a nice time chatting with folks outside of the work setting, but I called it an "early" night (midnight) as the rest of the group moved the party to an Irish pub.

3/26/14- 7:30 p.m.

Today was my Nana's birthday. I called her in the afternoon, and she told me that she liked the necklace I bought for her in Mexico.

This afternoon I picked up Teo at the hotel, and then I took him to the tent for a vacuum gag rehearsal. The props and costumes are finally finished, so the gag is ready to go in the show now.
We ran the gag a few times to get used to the blocking in the ring, and Teo followed along with the sound effects.
The rehearsal was very productive, and the gag was looking good by the end. We tried to make it as easy on Teo as possible by putting all the sound effects in order on the Instant Replay machine, which he said he really appreciated.

My friend, Amber, came to the show tonight with her son, Dylyn. Amber is a pirate with the Black Dragon Pirate Cruise out of Port Isabel, TX. It was nice to get to catch up with her after the show.

In closing, here are a few photos!

Some of our fans from opening night in Brownsville
Jan Vazquez and his minions
Nico, our minion


cirbly said...

The audience probably thought it was fake blood! They loved your realism!

cirbly said...

The audience probably thought it was fake blood!

Steve Copeland said...

Our next innovation: the red soap gag!