Friday, April 25, 2014


Hey everyone,

Please be patient with me. I'm currently writing the update for April 21st-23rd, and it is being a royal pain.
There's a lot to talk about, and a lot of pictures to share, and I'm finding that posts like that typically take about two hours to post from the first word to the final read through and edit.
Right now I am just not feeling it, and I don't want to force the post and have the content suffer.
Just know that it's coming, and you should find it marginally amusing.



Tejano said...

Today is the 25th, so, you report is from 21st to 23rd, so, let's see, if you post tomorrow, it will have to be 21st to 25th, no??? :)

Hope you are having fun in Cowtown; found that longhorn steer so you can ride it yet? :)

Have fun1

Steve Copeland said...

Please don't make me do math. I'm a clown, and I'm from South Carolina.
Saw a longhorn, but just as I went to take a photo on him, his handler put him on break.
The guy who got his photo last got to ride him back to the stable.
I'm going back to that area this coming week, though.