Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Friday, April 18-Sunday, April 20: Fort Worth, TX

4/18/14- 6:00 and 9:00 p.m.

This morning I walked over to the tent so I could map out a route for our props. Our trailers are parked in a different area of the mall parking lot than the tent, and we have to cross a traffic intersection inside the parking lot to get to the tent. Other than that, we are on cement, so it was fairly easy to push all our props to backstage.

Ryan is reading a new book on animation by Joe Murray, who created one of my favorite cartoons from my youth called "Rocko's Modern Life".
The book taught Ryan about an animation bible, which is something a show creator will keep to have character descriptions, design sketches, and artistic goals all in once place.
Ryan felt everything about the animation bible was applicable towards our career, so we met this afternoon to make the Steve & Ryan bible, which is something we can go to whenever we are creating new material or planning the next step in our career.

Ryan and I make so many trips to the tent on opening day to get our props and costumes backstage that invariably we forget something.
Tonight I forgot to bring my mirror over, so I took a big jagged shard from one of the broken dressing room mirrors and used that as to put on my make up. Functional and deadly!

The second audience tonight was fantastic, arguably the best we've had since we started the season.

During the second water gag, I felt my right contact pop out of my eye in the middle of the act. I could feel it clinging to my cheek, but I was sure that it would fall off at the end of the act when Ryan and I get hit with buckets of water.
Surprisingly, when I got back to the dressing room, the contact was still stuck to my cheek, so I peeled it off and popped it back in my eye. Mmmmmm, unhygienic!

After the show I joined a group from the show heading to Pete's Dueling Piano Bar in downtown Fort Worth.
I jumped in a cab with the dancers; they were nice enough to not only share a cab with me, but also to give me one of the six free passes they had received the last time they visited Pete's.

It was my first time at a dueling piano bar, and it was very neat. We all got great seats at tables front and center, right in front of the two pianos.
The guys playing were very talented and knew almost every song under the sun. It was a good time.

Jorge and Natalya Pompeyo were nice enough to give me a ride back to the lot when the bar was closed.

4/19/14- 6:00 and 9:00 p.m.

This morning I went out shopping to purchase everything to make Nico's Easter basket.
Later in the day Ryan and I ran out to purchase a sewing machine. Our old machine crapped out on us while Ryan and Tatiana were making the rip away jumpsuit for the vacuum gag, and every time something on that costume ripped, and they have to repair it by hand, Ryan kept reminding us, "We need a new machine."
Today we finally took the initiative to pick one up, so logically it follows that there will be no further repairs needed now that we are prepared for them!

When I walked over to the tent for the first show tonight, I was excited to see people lined up around the perimeter fences waiting to get in.

That's always a good way to get you pumped for an evening of shows!

In the second water gag's finale I decided to slide across the mat on my stomach as Ryan was chasing me. Something about the way I threw my arms as I slid pulled the muscles in both my biceps, and I was in pain for the rest of the evening.
I was especially in agony in the vacuum gag when I fell on my face and then had to push myself up off the ground. Ryan got a kick out of my agonized screams....jerk!

After the shows I got cleaned up and went over to Ryan's house for the traditional coloring of Easter eggs and....eating of empanadas. 
I was happy I got to participate in dyeing the eggs; I haven't done that since I was a little kid.

4/20/14- 2:00, 5:00, and 8:00 p.m.

Miraculously my biceps didn't hurt when I woke up this morning. I had stocked up on Mexican ibuprofen from Ryan and Tatiana in the likely event that they would be killing me, but I didn't have to take any of them. 

After making my morning cup of coffee, I headed over to Ryan's house to watch Nico find his Easter eggs hidden around the house.
After he found them all, I gave Nico his Easter basket, and the Combs family gave me one too; it was filled to the brim with Cadbury eggs. What can I say, they know me well!

While Nico opened his eggs (don't worry, they were plastic), Tatiana made us breakfast, and we watched "The Easter Bunny Is Coming To Town", which I had not seen since I was a child not much older than Nico.
It was a really nice start to our Easter/three show Sunday.

The first show was rough, which I expected at 2:00 p.m. on Easter Sunday. Luckily, the 5:00 p.m. show had a great audience.

Between shows it started pouring down rain. Ryan, David, and I all wanted to go back to our trailers, but none of us had the forethought to bring umbrellas with us to work.
Figuring that none of us was sweet enough to melt in the precipitation (and since I haven't multiplied like a Gremlin in well over a year), we decided to just make a run for it instead of waiting for the storm to die down.

At the end of the third performance a woman came down onto the floor to see Ryan, who was very excited to see her. I knew she looked familiar, but I couldn't place her at first.
When she came over to see me, I finally recognized her as Jasmine, who was one of the production women who worked with us on Ringling 10 years ago. I felt bad for not recognizing her at first, but she was one of the last people I'd expect to see at a show in Fort Worth.

Ryan and I couldn't clean our water mat backstage during the last show because the rain had come in and soaked the pavement.
We waited for the stage crew to clean and roll up the carpet, and then we were able to clean our mat in the ring.

When I got back to my trailer I was starving, so I threw a pizza in the oven. I was going to shower, but I knew as soon as I got in that one of the concessions guys would come by to give me our cut of the photo concession. I also needed to work on an invoice for Ryan to give to Jorge for the dog stands he painted during the days off.
Since I had all that going on, I decided to wait and shower afterwards. So it came to be that an hour after the show had concluded I was sitting in my trailer still in my make up, wearing my t-shirt and pink clown boxers.
I was laughing about the scenario, thinking, "So this is what my life has come to". 
That's when the crying jag started.....

In closing, here's a couple of photos!

Nico celebrating "World Circus Day"

With one of our fans, Jesus, and his family in Austin 

And finally, the moment most of you probably couldn't care less about!
The winner of the caption the photo contest from last week's blog!

As a reminder, here was the photo: 

And the winner, selected by an impartial judge (so please, no hate mail if you didn't win).....

Cameron! His caption was: "The guy who stole my pants was about this tall."

Congratulations, Cameron! Please e-mail me your mailing address to stclown@lowcountry.com

Your prize: a 2014 Circo Hermanos Vazquez poster signed by the entire cast!

Thank you to everyone who participated, and keep checking in. More contests with even cooler prizes will be coming!


Anonymous said...

So what was your favorite caption for the photo?

Steve Copeland said...

All of them!