Monday, May 26, 2014

Friday, May 23-Sunday, May 25: Houston, TX

5/23/14- 6:00 and 9:00 p.m.

This morning Ryan and I were picked up at 9:00 a.m. for our radio publicity. After a stop by the hotel to pick up the dancers, we were on our way to the event.

If Hector's taking the selfie, WHO'S DRIVING!?!

Raul Brindis, who is a famous radio personality in the Houston area, was hosting an event where locals were going to make a Human Hashtag that would then be captured via aerial photography.

The event was happening outside, and it was very humid. All of us stood around sweating profusely and taking pictures with people.
Memo came by and did an interview on the radio to promote our Houston run while me, Ryan, and the dancers stood in front of the broadcasting area looking colorful and sweating some more.

All of us with Hector, the assistant manager, and Vivian, our PR coordinator

Back at the lot Ryan and I hosed off and then took our props into the tent. This week's load in was a lot easier for us since our trailers are parked in the back yard for the first time since Donna.
My trailer is a few yards from the back door, which I am going to love during the shows.

Ryan's mom is in town for the weekend to visit. Today when I went over to Ryan's trailer I saw that everyone was sporting new hairdos complements of Lee, who makes her living as a stylist.

Since we have made some changes to the vacuum gag since we put it into the show in Brownsville, Ryan and I spent the afternoon adding some new sound effects to our Instant Replay machine to better accent what we are doing.

Ryan and I had to get ready a little earlier than usual for the shows because we had another publicity at 5 p.m. This one was a live television broadcast with Memo talking and us creating mayhem in the background.

Raul Brindis was our special guest for the shows tonight. He brought along his sidekick, a little kid character named Pepito, who was portrayed by a man in a big head costume.

Just for my own (and Ryan's) amusement, I decided that my character's motivation was that Pepito was my sworn enemy, so every time I saw him during the shows my expression would change to one of pure loathing.
Whatever gets me through the nights, right?

We had big crowds for our opening night shows, and the second audience was fantastic!
The new sound effects in the vacuum gag worked great, and Teo, pro that he is, nailed them with no prior rehearsal, just a pre show talk through with me.

After the shows the Espana family had a barbecue for Marcos, who celebrated his 15th birthday yesterday. Martin made a huge bowl of delicious guacamole, and we had sausage sandwiches with chimichurri ( Delicious!

5/24/14- 6:00 and 9:00 p.m.

I took it easy today, but unfortunately I couldn't relax very well since my air conditioner kept popping a breaker. Needless to say it was a very sweaty day in La Casa De Copeland.
I was talking to Klaus, the horse trainer, during the shows, and he was saying that the city power that we are plugged into here in Houston (we are plugged into city power because the Vazquez brothers own this lot) is lower than the power we are usually plugged into.
He is having the same problem with his air conditioning; it will run for about 10 minutes and then pop the breaker.
Mine is very hit or miss in this town. It'll either run all day or keep popping the breaker until later in the evening.

We had more great audiences for the shows tonight. Carmelo gave us a nice new bit to use in the water gag, which I implemented into the second show.
We changed the bit just a little to better fit into what we were doing, and it turned out to work perfectly since it goes hand in hand with something we were already doing in the act.
I love it when comedy comes together like that!

While Trio Bellissimo is performing, Ryan and I always walk up the ramp leading from the concessions area into the seats to pick out a guy to harass at the beginning of the vacuum gag.
Tonight Ryan and I both spotted a guy and pointed to him at the exact same moment.
The man just happened to look over at us as we were pointing, and as we were waiting in the concessions area for our gag to start, Ryan and I were laughing about how scary the whole thing must have been from the man's point of view.
Imagine you're watching the circus, and you just happen to glance over and see two clowns, in the dark, wearing orange, prison style jumpsuits pointing at you with blank expressions, and then walking away.
I wouldn't sleep for weeks!

The audience really lost its enthusiasm as the second half of the 9:00 p.m. show went on. It was a shame, because until that point they were really fantastic.

5/25/14- 2:00, 5:00, and 8:00 p.m.

It was a very hot and humid day, and the tent's air conditioner had a hard time keeping up. I saw a lot of folks in the first two audiences fanning themselves.

During the first show I could feel something was wrong with the little car as we circled the ring at the start of the carpenter gag.
Backstage Ryan and I investigated and saw that the back passenger tire was flat. We have a spare tire mounted on the back of the car, so Ryan took the inner tube out of that one and replaced the tube that had a hole in it.

Unfortunately, at the end of the show I noticed that the tire was still flat; the replacement tube also had a leak!
I threw on my jumpsuit, jumped into my truck, and sped over to Walmart, which was luckily just down the road from the lot.
I always hate going places in make up when I'm not performing, and people were certainly giving me funny looks as I raced down the aisles looking for the bike department.

I picked up two new inner tubes and sped back to the circus. Ryan and I got the tire fixed just in time for the second show.
At first I was upset that I lost my rest break in between shows, but I was happy that we got the problem taken care of.

Like I said, the tire was in perfect working condition for the second carpenter gag, but when I threw down the clutch to make our entrance into the ring, the belt slipped off and we didn't move!
I had to jump out and push Ryan and the car around the ring to start the gag.
Luckily the belt and tire gave us no further trouble for the third show.

We did great business today, but the heat and humidity really drained us and made it difficult to give our all in the shows. Every show both of us were about to nod off by the time the vacuum gag came around, which is our most difficult spot in the show anyway.

Thus endeth weeketh 1eth in Houston....eth.


Greg Michales said...

Cam did receive the poster and e mailed you a few days ago so you should see it. Just checked the KM Jersey dates and they are not playing Mine Hill or Carteret. Have to see them in one of the other towns near by. Did you once say that Ryan E had a new tiger cub with him?

Steve Copeland said...

He does. I forget her name though.