Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Friday, May 30-Sunday, June 1: Houston, TX

5/30/14- 6:00 and 9:00 p.m.

Today Teo and Helen came by the lot to pick me up for a fun day out. First we went to lunch at a sushi restaurant, and then I introduced Helen to the wonders of kolaches. I was disappointed in the confection selection at the Kolache Factory location we visited, but it was almost their closing time.
We finished up our day trip with a visit to, where else, Half Price Books!

A severe thunderstorm hit a few minutes after our first show began. During our water gag, you could barely hear our music, because the thunder and the sound of the rain on the big top was so overpowering.

Needless to say, the audience was a tad distracted during our first appearance, and it took us all show to get them back. Luckily we had redeemed ourselves by the vacuum gag.

The rain outside was so bad that Tyson, one of the Vazquez brothers' dogs, came into the men's dressing room to seek shelter.

Either that, or David Confal got a lot hairier! 

The audience seemed to be more into the second show, even though there were more intermittent monsoons.

Jesus Vazquez, who is in charge of the show's concessions department, had me and Ryan move into the front part of the tent after the second show to try our photo concession there.
It worked out much better since people were already on their way past us to leave the tent, and our business greatly improved.
Looks like our crippling gambling addictions are about to get a huge shot in the arm!

After work Ryan and Tatiana had me over for dim sum: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dim_sum
I ate one helping, and then another, and "dim sum" more.
Wocka wocka!

5/31/14- 6:00 and 9:00 p.m.

Here in Houston, on the weekends, all of us with the show have to move our trucks out of the parking lot to make room for all the customers that come to see the show.
The area we park on the weekends is not concrete, and after the immense amount of rain we received yesterday, it was a mud pit!

Rather than risk getting my truck bogged down every time I left and came back, I just left it where it was and hoofed it anywhere I needed to go.

I walked a lot this morning and into the early afternoon, and I lost about half my body weight in perspiration. It was so humid!

We did great business tonight, and our photo concession continued to thrive in its new location.

6/1/14- 2:00, 5:00, and 8:00 p.m.

This morning I walked to breakfast at Aunt Bea's Restaurant. Memo Vazquez recommended it to me when we did our television publicity last week, and since it wasn't far from the lot I decided to give it a try.
I was grateful for Memo's recommendation; the food at Aunt Bea's was great! I think I have found my Sunday breakfast destination for the rest of our Houston run.

After all the rain that we've had here, I was relieved that today was a nice, sunny day. A nice, sunny, hot, humid day.....

The generator that powers the tent's air conditioners died during the first show, and even though it didn't take long for them to switch over to the other generator, those few minutes really counted. I couldn't believe how fast the tent heated up and how long it took to get the temperature back down again.

We had another day of great business, which made all our sweating feel worthwhile.
Speaking of the temperature, after how hot it was backstage for the first two shows, I couldn't believe that by the third show I had to get out of the dressing room because I was freezing from the AC.

After the shows a few families got together for a cookout, and I was lucky enough to get invited over.


Tejano said...

Well, you have been in Texas since February. That makes it...what, close to 3 months. I think we can bestow upon you the title of honorary Texan. :) Are you saying Yall? or Howdy alot yes> :)

Steve Copeland said...

Well, I've been saying Y'all since I was a kid. I am from South Carolina ya know!