Saturday, July 19, 2014

Friday, July 18: Chicago, IL- 6:00 and 9:00 p.m.

This morning I took a bus to the northern part of downtown Chicago to visit the Salt & Pepper Diner.

I wanted to visit because one of my favorite comedians, John Mulaney, grew up in Chicago and has a hilarious story about the diner.

Language warning, for those of you with sensitive ears.

Of course my main reason for visiting was to play "What's New, Pussycat" on the jukebox, but alas and alack, there was no more jukebox, probably as a result of nerds like me visiting expressly for that reason.
Still, I enjoyed my meal, and my waitress was very friendly. 

Before heading back to the lot I snapped a picture of Wrigley Field, which was right next to the diner. 

Maybe one day I'll be able to catch a game there. I'm not really one for sports, but I don't think you can get more Chicago than a Cubs game at Wrigley Field.
Except for maybe eating a hot dog while dressed up like Harry Caray.

Giovanni Zoppe, better know in the circus world as "Nino", was at the first show tonight with his family.
We were able to chat with them a little bit after the performance; they will soon be embarking on a tour with their show in their beautiful big top.

Giovanni told us that his son loved our work, and sure enough, when Ryan went to talk to him, Julien showed Ryan how he can react to a hit like we do.
After some prompting from Giovanni, Julien did the bit where he played patty cake with Ryan before giving him a clown slap to the face. It was too funny!

Ryan and I took part in a last minute PR during the second performance. At Intermission we went up into the seats where a cameraman and reporter from UNIVISION were doing live broadcasts.
We only filmed two short hits. We simply mugged alongside the reporter while the second half was going on in the background.

I had a great joke when the reporter was explaining to us when to enter the shot and start being funny. He was trying to tell us that the cameraman would give us a hand signal, but he was having a hard time finding the correct words. He finally settled on, "He'll give us a finger."
I blurted out in mock horror, "He's going to give us the finger?!", which made Ryan and the reporter crack up.

Heidi and Cassidy Herriot were at the second performance, so Ryan and I were able to say hello to them afterwards. We worked with them on the Christmas tour in 2011.

After work I got cleaned up and went to a barbecue that was being held in the back yard. Ryan's sangria was back, by popular demand, and this time it was even more potent than it was in Houston.
Luckily, no one went blind from drinking it, so I'd call that a success.

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