Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Monday, July 28: Chicago, IL- 7:30 p.m.

This morning I did laundry, and then back at the lot I found Martin, who was going to help fix our carpenter box.
A problem arose when he couldn't find his welder; he assumed the worst, that someone had stolen it.
Luckily after a little searching and asking around he discovered that he had been made the victim of a prank. Martin wasn't angry because he got his welder back, and he sort of had it coming as he had always been messing with the person who pranked him.

The problem with the carpenter box was that one of the casters was bending and getting stuck whenever the box was moved. Martin and Dominick unbent the offending caster last week, but on Sunday it became stuck worse than ever.

Today Martin cut up some steel that I bought, and then he welded the pieces in each corner, under each caster, which should prevent them from bending any more.

Ryan and I were happy to have friends in the audience tonight. Don Lansu, who I've known since Moosecamp (a week long clown school in MN) in 2001, and his wife, Phyllis, were at the show, as well as Gary Podolsky, a 1985 Clown College graduate, and his wife, Ellyn.

At the end of the carpenter gag Ryan and I were styling on the ring curb when I noticed a woman sitting right below me that was staring straight ahead, with her arms crossed, ignoring me.
Without even thinking I jumped down off the ring curb, landing right in front of her and snapping her out of her daze, and then I gave her a great big kiss on the cheek.
That should teach her to always keep a careful eye on any clown less than a foot away from her!

Before Intermission Jan always introduces the band, and tonight when the dancers, Ryan, and I turned to complement to them, they played a new piece of music that we weren't expecting.
The tune started with a very loud trumpet blast that almost caused us all to add to the mess the horses had made on the floor.

After the show we briefly got to see Don and Phyllis, and we were able to have a nice visit with Gary and Ellyn.
Ellyn made a tray of her famous, delicious, cherry bars, and this year she also included apricot bars, and peanut butter apricot bars.
Ryan and I will be in Heaven for the next couple of days!

And now a little backstory before I share a video with you all:
On Sunday Mario wrote a rap for his motivational speech, and he asked me, Ryan, and the dancers to give him our hidden talents and guilty pleasures.
After the rap Mario expressed his displeasure that not more people had contributed their info, and Claire chimed in with her heavy, Ringo Starr-ish accent, "What about me finger dance?"

This greatly intrigued me and Ryan, so we asked Claire what her finger dance was. Her demonstration showed us that it simply involved moving her index fingers up and down in rapid succession from her balled up fists.

Even though the dance wasn't the great epic that we'd hoped for, Ryan and I couldn't get it out of our heads. So we wrote a brief parody of Men Without Hats' "The Safety Dance", calling it, of course, "The Finger Dance".

I performed it for Claire before Intermission, and she loved it so much that she asked to make a music video.
And here it is. Prepare to be underwhelmed!


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