Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sunday, July 27: Chicago, IL- 2:00, 5:00, and 8:00 p.m.

When everyone in the cast went out for the opening of the first show, I noticed an unusual amount of audience members sitting stone faced and watching the show through their phones.
Backstage Ryan and I were discussing that phenomenon. It seems so strange to forego any immediate enjoyment in the hope that you'll derive pleasure from a recording of a live event at a later date.

Hmmmm. That last sentence was a little too deep for my tastes.
Oh, I know! During photos after the first show Ryan held a toddler that pooped in his pants while the picture was being taken.
Whew, that's more in line with my usual blogging content.

During the second carpenter gag bits were going wrong left and right, but Ryan and I were able to stay on top of things and turn the mistakes to our advantage.
I love having those happy little accidents (as opposed to an unhappy accident like that little boy had in Ryan's arms); we implemented one of the new bits into the final carpenter gag of the day, and I plan to keep tweaking it until I'm satisfied.
We also tightened up a section of the vacuum gag that greatly benefited the act.

The third crowd was good, but we peaked with the 5:00 p.m. audience. They were phenomenal!
We even brought the house down with the vacuum gag, which is Split Focus City what with the net overhead and the flyers at the edge of the ring climbing up to their platforms.

Mario got us all pumped up for the third show by providing the motivational speech as a rap. He asked the usual gang of suspects that gathers every Sunday to share with him a hidden talent and a guilty pleasure, which he turned into fodder for his free styling.
I was upset he wasn't able to fit my hidden talent into the song: burping the entire text of "The Canterbury Tales". I guess he couldn't find a rhyme for Chaucer.

Beth, who visited a couple of weeks ago with her boyfriend, Greg, swung by tonight on her way home to Indiana from Baraboo.
We went out to dinner, where she graciously picked up the check, and she filled me in on all the fun she had at the International Clown Hall of Fame induction ceremony, the Baraboo Circus Parade, and her visit to Circus World Museum.

When Beth dropped me off back at the lot I stopped by a barbecue being held to give a good send off to Miguel, one of the stage crew members, who is leaving.

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