Saturday, July 12, 2014

Thursday, July 10: Chicago, IL- 7:30 p.m.

When I woke up today I was feeling better, so either the medicine I took kicked my cold to the curb in one fell swoop, or my body was just exhausted from my long walk on Wednesday and needed a good night's sleep.

Since a lot of walking was most likely the cause of my problem last night, I decided to slap caution in the face and walk a lot more today! (Not really, but I just thought that would be a funny thing to write)

I walked to a nearby gas station to get fuel for the little clown car. I lucked out because the nearest station is selling unleaded fuel for "only" $3.99 a gallon. I've seen some places around with gas going for almost $4.50.
I'm definitely taking a lot of public transportation while we're here!

Later on I walked to the post office to send money home. On the way back some idiot kept setting off fireworks close to where I was.
The loud explosions would come out of nowhere every few minutes, and every time it happened I wanted to hit the deck.....or the face of whoever doesn't have a calendar telling them that the 4th of July is over.

Ryan and I had a radio PR this afternoon starting at 4 p.m. with the station La Ley 107.9 FM. There was quite a crowd gathered in front of the table where the DJs were sitting, and I soon found out it was because people were waiting to win tickets to the circus.
The DJs were very nice, and they let us speak in English for the interview. Ryan busted out some Spanish as well, but it was so liberating to be able to crack jokes and share information in my own language for a publicity.

I was surprised at how forward some of the women at the publicity were. Several of them kept commenting on how handsome we are (we were both out of make up), and the female host kept lamenting the fact that Ryan was married.
The comment that made me laugh the most, though, was when the hosts were asking out loud what the contest should be to decide who wins tickets to the circus.
One pregnant woman, staring at us with a hungry look in her eyes, suggested that there should be a kissing contest.

Between live hits the DJs asked me and Ryan to do some things to entertain the crowd. Here's one of our stupid human tricks we did that was caught on film.


We also passed clubs around a line of children. No one was maimed.
Well, seriously maimed.

We met a boy who is a clown and lives not far from the lot. He told me that he always comes to Vazquez and Ringling; when I told him that we had been on Ringling, he said he already knew.
Egad! It was like meeting a Mexican me!

Before we left I grabbed a stack of Steve & Ryan 8x10s that we signed and gave out to anyone that wanted one.

There was a very energetic crowd for tonight's show. I'm hoping the crowds continue this trend of enjoying themselves so vocally.

Right before finale a very large pizza was delivered to the men's dressing room for David, who does the diabolo act.
I had a great idea for a prank, but unfortunately we didn't have the time or the resources to pull it off.
If we had had a place to hide the pizza, we would have replaced it with the foam rubber pizza we use in the vacuum gag.
(Note to self: Always carry keep a very large, empty pizza box in the dressing room from now on)

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